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CON Scripting Resources

Post by Kinsie »

This was assembled by StrikerTheHedgefox on the ZDF Discord, and I thought it'd be a shame for this subforum to be empty when there was this big list of useful info to share. All props go to him!
  • EDuke32 Wiki - Scripting - The basics, like what Events are, and links to deeper info.
  • CONFAQ42 - A detailed, if outdated and somewhat inaccurate, tutorial on CON scripting from the hazy days of 1999. Many a 12 year old was introduced to coding through this tome...
  • EDuke32 Wiki - All Commands - Every single command in EDuke32's version of CON. Learn to tell your setthisprojectiles from your rotatesprites!
  • EDuke32 Wiki - Tutorials - Tutorials on how to create specific effects, like manual pistol reloading.
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Re: CON Scripting Resources

Post by SamVision »

Does any of this apply to Blood as well as Duke Nukem 3D?
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Re: CON Scripting Resources

Post by Graf Zahl »

No. CON scripts are a unique feature of the Duke Nukem game engine, so it's only the games directly derived from Duke that use it. Blood, Shadow Warrior and Exhumed do not.
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Re: CON Scripting Resources

Post by Photonic »

Eduke32 CON Language syntax for Notepad++ ... _.xml/file

This thing has been a god send to me and many others.

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