Incorrect offsets/UVs with TEXTURES lump scaling

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Incorrect offsets/UVs with TEXTURES lump scaling

Post by Talon1024 »

If I define textures to be scaled down in the TEXTURES lump, and offset them in a map, the offsets are applied incorrectly in the softplanar and OpenGL renderers. The softpoly renderer seems to work just fine for some reason.

Here's a runnable sample with high-res textures from

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Graf Zahl
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Re: Incorrect offsets/UVs with TEXTURES lump scaling

Post by Graf Zahl »

This isn't a bug but an incompletely defined texture.

You have to add a 'worldpanning' instruction to each definition. The reason for this lies deep in the past. When texture scaling was originally implemented it was done with per texel panning, not world-unit panning. Needless to say that isn't the most useful thing, but when a decision had to be made what to use as default, the bad option was chosen.

In clear English: It's the softpoly renderer which is wrong here.

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