Level change in ZScript?

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Level change in ZScript?

Post by Matt »

I'm trying to set up a multiplayer game mode that has some endgame conditions that trigger a map change (either restarting the current map or moving to the next map).

Right now I'm calling Exit_Normal for the endgame but that doesn't work when sv_noexit is on.

I want to let the user enable sv_noexit so the players can't just hit an exit switch if they're unhappy with the way they're losing (or accidentally end the match trying to do something else near an exit line).

Is there any ZScript equivalent to Exit_Normal that can override sv_noexit?
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Graf Zahl
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Re: Level change in ZScript?

Post by Graf Zahl »

If you call Exit_Normal from outside an actor's context, i.e. without an activator, these checks will be bypassed.

(ACS's ChangeLevel will also ignore these dmflags, but that looks to be a bug so don't count on it. I'm going to check this one later, it will most likely need some fixing.)

At the moment there is no direct way to exit a level from ZScript, because the action specials looked to be sufficient.

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