Ion Fury's Graphics/Audio/etc - New Rule

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Ion Fury's Graphics/Audio/etc - New Rule

Post by Rachael »

The rule over Ion Fury's assets has now been extended indefinitely, but is now narrowed to any game made by people in this community. This rule actually applies to original assets from *anyone* in the community (pretty much as it always has been).

So the official rule is now as follows:

Original assets from anyone in the community, being commercial or not, are required to have permission from its creator before you can rip them. This means that no matter who makes the assets or what game or mod they are in - be it Ion Maiden, or otherwise - you must have permission to use them.

So this is the same rule as we've always had, actually - the Ion Fury devs are ZDoomers so it applies to their work, as well. When it comes to companies like Bethesda, it really depends on how they want their work used. Bethesda has never been too angry at us for using their work, so you should be okay, as long as they do not come to you or us with C&D orders. (This means that mods like MetaDoom and Juvenile Power Fantasy are perfectly okay!)

If someone is using your resources, and you do not wish this, ask us and we'll remove them.

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