[Launcher] Chronos' (G)ZDoom Launcher

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[Launcher] Chronos' (G)ZDoom Launcher

Post by phantombeta »

Requires .NET Framework 4.0
Has errors and bugs and is generally broken. (It's an extremely early alpha, what did you expect?)
Latest Version: Alpha 0.1

Hey everybody.
So, I decided to make a launcher. Yes, this is yet another (G)ZDoom launcher.
Why did I make this? I don't really like ZDL and because I wanted to.

So, here's the feature list:
Latest version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lmxjc4bpakovuat/Alpha%201.7z?dl=0

GitHub Git Repo: https://github.com/Doom2fan/Chronos-ZDoom-Launcher

Note to mods/forum staff: Sooo... I've seen other launchers here in the Projects forum, so I'm guessing it's the right place to post this... If not, please move this to the correct forum.
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Re: [Launcher] Chronos' (G)ZDoom Launcher

Post by DevilHunter »

I guess its a good start BUT....

It whines about not being able to find default config at start; default action is set to Quit in every error report window

When I click on Save Config, it says Field 'IWADPath' defined on type 'Launcher.Config+PathConfigs' is not a field on the target object which is of type 'Launcher.Config'.

What is "Dis Location"?

When you click PK3 Location, it wants Final_Duel.pk3; Come to think of it, the program itself is called Final Duel Launcher...

Am I suppose to put this in the GZDoom Folder? It don't even have an option to select GZDoom as a Port; Does nothing but spit errors at me when I click on Launch Game, then greys out the box.

All in all, this is somewhat of a great start but it needs so much more, or make it easier to understand how to use it.
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Re: [Launcher] Chronos' (G)ZDoom Launcher

Post by phantombeta »

Spoiler: Reply to DevilHunter's post. Long-ish

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