Non-Doom Level Recommendations

Discuss anything ZDoom-related that doesn't fall into one of the other categories.
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Non-Doom Level Recommendations

Post by Hellscribbler »

As the title says, anything that isn't Doom. Heretic, Hexen, Strife, Chex, Hacx, anything that runs on (G)ZDoom, what are your level wad recommendations?
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Re: Non-Doom Level Recommendations

Post by RKD »

Would FreeDoom 1 & 2 count? Genuine question, haha

On the other hand, not sure if you're looking for something specific (nice architecture, challenging combat, big/small sized maps, etc). In any case, here's a simple list:

- For Heretic:
- Wayfarer: 1 episode, big maps, great architecture.
- Faithless: 1 episode, hub-like design, casual playthrough.
- Curse of D'Sparil: 1 episode, big maps, great architecture, slaughterwad.
- Elf Gets Pissed: 1 episode (iirc), medium size maps, great combat.
- 20 HCC: around 15 maps or so, custom enemies, medium difficulty, thematically varied.
- Thief - The Arch-Heretic: 1 map, great level design, medium difficulty.
- Unbeliever: 3 episodes (iirc), puzzle focused level design, clever combat.

- For Chex:
- That unofficial 3rd episode made by one of the OG developers. It's awesome.

Hexen, no idea, I've only seen gameplay mods for it. Strife has like 2 or 3 custom maps projects, and one was recently remastered (Low on Ice), but never checked them out (great game, tho). And for Hacx... I really doubt anyone has ever made levels for that one lol
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Re: Non-Doom Level Recommendations

Post by ramon.dexter »

You can also try Ashes 2063 and Ashes Afterglow. Both are standalone games built on gzdoom engine without any relation to doom/heretic/hexen/strife.
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Re: Non-Doom Level Recommendations

Post by noramila »

Hey hi,
Explore classic fantasy environments and intense battles in this medieval-themed first-person shooter.
Delve into a dark and immersive world filled with magic, puzzles, and intricate level design.
Experience a unique blend of FPS and RPG elements in a post-apocalyptic setting, complete with branching storylines and multiple endings.
Enjoy a family-friendly adventure as you battle against evil cereal monsters in this light-hearted FPS.

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