putpng - setpng / grabpng alternative

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putpng - setpng / grabpng alternative

Post by lone_programmer »

putpng is a tool I created that fits my workflow better than setpng or grabpng: https://github.com/wojo81/putpng

It's currently still under development, so If you experience any bugs please let me know. Also, I know that the executable is pretty big for what it is so if you have any tips to reduce the size, please let me know.

Anyways, enjoy!
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Re: putpng - setpng / grabpng alternative

Post by Nash »

Oh, very nice! I am a hardcore enjoyer and user of grabpng, and while there's nothing wrong with it (still serves me well in 2024 - both in cmdline mode as well as GUI mode) -- it's good to know that there's still interest in working on custom PNG tools especially useful for GZDoom assets.

It's a shame that grabpng won't be updated anymore as the author, bagheadspidey, seems to have disappeared off the internet.

I'll be keeping a close eye on putpng.

If you're taking requests - I'd like to see putpng get the ability to crop PNGs by eliminating transparent pixels around the image, while also preserving the embedded offsets. :)

Nevermind, I wrote my post before actually reading the README. Looks like cropping is already in. Wonderful! Now all it needs is the mathematical offsets of grabpng like w/2, h-3 etc... then I can fully retire grabpng and replace it with putpng. :)

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