[1.9.1] [Blood] Immortal Gargoyles

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[1.9.1] [Blood] Immortal Gargoyles

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The first gargoyle in E1M5 would not die. It would bleed but seemed to have infinite health. I'll provide a savegame later today. I was playing with a voxel pack and HQ sounds pack, but I don't think the sounds loaded.

Savegame: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_sSqjH ... drive_link

Edit: After playing some more, it seems to only affect the gargoyle statues that turn into gargoyles (the common ones, not the boss kind). Regular ones that don't come from statues die normally.

Edit 2: I tried again on episode 4 and got to E4M2 and got to a giant stone gargoyle (the Cheogh clones) and the same thing happened. The statue turned into a giant stone gargoyle and wouldn't die. So it happens for both the little gargoyles and big gargoyles

Edit 3: Did some more testing on E4M2. This time, I turned off the voxel pack and HD sounds. Same result. Also tried switching from Vulcan to OpenGL with the same result.

Edit 4: Tried again with dev build raze-x64-1.10pre-66-g326c49ebe. This build has it's own problems, but I didn't find the immortal gargoyle bug here, with and without mods. So guess I'll just wait to replay blood till the next official release haha.

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