A_PrintToFile() fork of GZDoom

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A_PrintToFile() fork of GZDoom

Post by GelleSzebasztian »

This fork adds a new function that can be used from ZScript to print a string to a file. Someone once told me that we can read data with Wads.ReadLump() but we cannot write data from gzdoom to the outer world, so many creative ideas similar to the twitchy doom are lost or limited because of this. With this function however there are endless possibilities to make gzdoom communicate with some third party program. Some ideas that came to my mind - making a python chatbot or something like the "Herika chatgpt follower mod for skyrim". You could also send player position and visualize on a map in javascript. Just some brainstorming

Of course this is probably a really dangerous and exploitable fork, it may probably even crash if something goes wrong. I cannot imagine this in official gzdoom, and I don't want. Please keep in mind, that I am completely beginner at C++, and this is my first and only fork of gzdoom, I am kind of celebrating I made a modification alone and I could build and find the relevant lines in code and etc. It's just experimenting of a beginner, amateur. I hope that some day I will understand more of the code. Also feel free to tell me if you have any tips how I could get a deeper knowledge of the source code.

download win build: https://github.com/szeba99/gzdoom-1/sui ... /805665964
github: https://github.com/szeba99/gzdoom-1
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Re: A_PrintToFile() fork of GZDoom

Post by Rachael »

While I have not looked over your code so I have nothing to say about it yet - about your asking for tips - all I can suggest is doing exactly what you did - more projects like these. Just have an idea of something you want to do and then try to do it. If you are finding yourself scared of the code, put it in a state that you can always revert it if you need to, and then just start changing things and seeing what happens. Remember that compiler errors are "good" things to have, even though they are frustrating as all get out - because the worst problems to have are the ones where you think nothing is wrong and then several years later it crops up as a nasty bug. Experimentation is ultimately the best way to learn. Scholarly knowledge only gets you so far. (but schooling definitely does help you to avoid some nasty pitfalls with code)

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