Raze crashes instantly on clean Steam Deck install

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Raze crashes instantly on clean Steam Deck install

Post by zeroaim »

Hi everyone,

I recently did a full clean install of my Steam Deck. In the past I could play games like Duke3D and Blood in Raze by simply installing Luxtorpeda as a compatibility layer for those games and the launching Raze from the provided alternative engines.
On my new install launching from Gaming Mode it simply freezes my Steam Deck before restarting the entire system. In Desktop Mode the system also freezes, before it just aborts the raze process and the system becomes responsive again after a minute or so.
What I also tried is to manually run the latest Linux version of raze, since the Luxtorpeda issued version seems to be from 2019, and by adding a data folder containing Duke3D game data to the same directory as where the raze log file is generated, but that also results in the same freeze/crashing behaviour.

I've attached the most recent raze log file after the crash to this thread.
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