Duke: Probable bug in E3M3: Nuked Files (Duke It Out In D.C.)

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Duke: Probable bug in E3M3: Nuked Files (Duke It Out In D.C.)

Post by rolfhub »


I think that I found a bug in the third level of Duke It Out In D.C.:
What happens: I got the yellow key card, which should make it possible to open the yellow door, but I can't get the door to open, and I don't understand why, therefore I think it's probably a bug.
A savegame is attached. If you load it, you can see the yellow card in the inventory, as well as the locked yellow door that does not unlock.
I tried with the newest version of Raze that exists (1.7.1).
When I played Duke It Out In D.C. for the first time (something like half a year ago), it did work normally, but since then I updated Raze and deleted the old version, therefore I think that in the meantime, the bug has been freshly introduced by some kind of refactoring or something.
I did not experience the same bug so far in any other level, so maybe this level is somehow "odd", but it looks fairly normal to me.

The savegame can be found here:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/13zRID_ ... share_link
I could not attach it to the message directly, since the board software complains about the file size.

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Re: Duke: Probable bug in E3M3: Nuked Files (Duke It Out In D.C.)

Post by Graf Zahl »


This was a typical case of a supposedly benign bugfix interfering with poor game design.

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