zt-bcc: Maintained BCC fork - v0.9.0

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zt-bcc: Maintained BCC fork - v0.9.0

Post by TDRR »

zt-bcc (Zeta Group BCC) is a continuation of Positron's BCC with bugfixes and mostly minor new features, along with proper SLADE support.
BCC is an alternative ACS code compiler for ports supporting ZDoom ACS, featuring many extensions over vanilla ACS, but still keeping almost 100% compatibility with it, to make projects easy to port over and take advantage of all the new features.

Some of the features over regular ACS include:
*Strong types
*References to objects (limited support) and functions (full support)
*Block scoping
*Optional function parameters
*Logical-AND (&&) and Logical-OR (||) are short-circuited
*foreach loop
*Nested functions
*Message-building blocks, for more dynamic prints and text formatting

If you find any bugs, please post about them here or on the Github repository for the project.

Check the project wiki for documentation on zt-bcc's features and usage. And also how to set SLADE up to use it.

Download: https://github.com/zeta-group/zt-bcc/releases/latest
Source code: https://github.com/zeta-group/zt-bcc
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Posts: 808
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Graphics Processor: Intel (Modern GZDoom)
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Re: zt-bcc: Maintained BCC fork - v0.9.0

Post by TDRR »

This is zt-bcc, a fork of BCC, that supersedes BCC-SLADE since it accomplishes the same purpose better, and then does some more.

Changes compared to BCC 0.8.0:
*Added #pragma raw define on/off, which allows enabling/disabling C-like preprocessor macros.
*Added #pragma raw include on/off, which allows enabling/disabling preprocessor include (can appear at almost any point in the file).
*Preprocessor directives are now case insensitive like the rest of the language.
*Fixed broken runtime assert message (was supposed to be tinted red originally, but the code for it was buggy).
*zt-bcc can now be used with SLADE to compile BCS code. Doom Builders should work too, but currently untested.
*Removed ACS/ACS95 compilation modes. If needed, BCC 0.8 or ACC can still be used for this purpose.
*zcommon.bcs should be up to date with all new Zandronum, GZDoom and K8Vavoom functions.

Source changes:
*Removed all non-standard functions (hopefully).
*Fixed all warnings, at least when compiling under MSYS2 with MinGW.

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