[4.9.0] MBF21 projectiles can use teleport linedefs

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[4.9.0] MBF21 projectiles can use teleport linedefs

Post by Beed28 »

In GZDoom, custom projectiles that are defined through DeHackEd MBF21 are able to use teleport linedefs, when it's not the case in DSDA-Doom. This includes monster only teleport linedefs.

To reproduce:
  • Download an MBF21 weapon pack (like Vesper for example), as well as the test map included as this post's attachment.
  • Run it in GZDoom, and another source port that supports -complevel 21 (such as DSDA-Doom in this case).
  • In each run, grab the weapons and shoot them towards the teleporters on the left side.
  • In DSDA-Doom, projectiles will pass cleanly through, but in GZDoom they'll teleport around, which isn't meant to be happening.
I mainly made this thread to point out this teleporting issue, and I thought projectiles activating certain generalized lift types (namely monster activated ones, as seen on the right side of the map) was also a GZDoom inaccuracy, but I discovered that this quirk also occurs in DSDA-Doom itself, so if it's that, then that's that. Additionally, MBF21 projectiles also cannot activate gunfire switches, but that is true to how it was in the original Doom games.
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