[refactoring5]: Exhumed: Weapon aiming is screwy

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[refactoring5]: Exhumed: Weapon aiming is screwy

Post by sinisterseed »

It would seem weapon aiming is a little screwy after all, but I discovered this by randomly shooting walls lol.

It seems that all weapons shoot roughly around the center of the screen now, and not where you're actually aiming, be they hitscan or not, including the scepter. Found it while I was shooting at the ground in front of the elevated platform. All weapons are always shooting it instead of wherever I'm pointing. This is with autoaim on, but even without it shouldn't make a difference.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iG8K5B ... sp=sharing
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Re: [refactoring5]: Exhumed: Weapon aiming is screwy

Post by Graf Zahl »


This was something I remember fixing before, but it must have gotten lost through one of those rebases.

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