GLES transparency bug

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GLES transparency bug

Post by inkoalawetrust »

It seems that the OpenGL ES renderer has some weird rendering issues with transparent linedefs and polyobjects. When I opened my gz_bigcity map yesterday on GLES by accident, I noticed that all of the windows and glass doors on the map had this weird rendering effect that occured when I moved around:


I have also tried replicating this bug, by replicating how the windows and polyobject doors on gz_bigcity are set up. But for some reason I couldn't reproduce the bug. I also don't know of any other map with this bug besides my own.


This only occurs on the OpenGL ES backend too, the map has no such issues in normal OpenGL or Vulkan.

Here is a link to the map itself. You just need to use the OpenGL ES renderer, then just head and look at the front of the supermarket, gas station, or the window on the office building with the underground parking lot. The bug occurs on all of them.

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