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Post by inkoalawetrust »

Pull request

This pull request adds a new actor flag for monsters, that allows hostile monsters to be able to see and attack friendly monsters. Similar to how friendly monsters can already see hostile monsters, or monsters friendly to enemy players.

The flag uses pretty much the same code as friendly monsters use to see other monsters, including reusing the FriendlySeeBlocks property to specify the monster seeing range of the monster. The only difference is that monsters with MF8_SEEFRIENDLYMONSTERS, don't need to also check what specific player each friendly monster is allied to, since that's irrelevant for monsters hostile to all players.

I have also tested the PR to ensure it doesn't break how friendly monsters see other monsters. And performance wise this PR has minimal performance impact, producing even less overhead that friendly monsters already do. And significantly less overhead compared to adding this feature in by using a ZScript mod.

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