[~1.4.1] Player view get changing so frequently on Retro.map

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[~1.4.1] Player view get changing so frequently on Retro.map

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Map: Retrospective by Kevin "Kef_Nukem" Cools and Turpuli

Glitch in action : (Using Raze 1.4.1, warning: IT SHAKING HARD.) https://youtu.be/u6zXCKDs2yM

It actually a old engine bug...and it was fixed in EDuke32(tested with latest EDuke32 and the bug is gone).
I did reported the same bug when playing WoA mod for EDuke32, which later found out it also happens on Megaton Edition and maybe DOS Duke too...https://forums.duke4.net/topic/8314-wei ... y-changes/

In the last post on my report thread, former EDuke32 dev Helixhorned linked to the other post on other thread which explained about the glitch but because a bug on the forum software that Duke4.net using(related deleted/removed posts), it messed up the link and will not point to correct post, it's on this thread's page 173, post # 5177. I take a shot in case if one cannot found the correct post:

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