Has anyone successfully hosted via Linux?

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Has anyone successfully hosted via Linux?

Post by fistfulfan »

Did you only use GZDoom or did you also use ZDL? If you're using Ubuntu did you install GZDoom via the snap store or some other method? Did you install GZDoom via Wine?

I read one thread on another forum where someone went into detail about hosting on Linux and then he just said nvm that doesn't work cause it desyncs. He first installed GZDoom by installing the deb file he downloaded after download dependencies but it's a very outdated tutorial. But he like many others used hamachi instead of a direct connection which he later said was the incorrect way. A direct connection is the superior method.

I'm asking because I want to play the Strife Coop mod with a friend of mine and it only works on GZDoom
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Re: Has anyone successfully hosted via Linux?

Post by KynikossDragonn »

I mean.

I followed the exact instructions (with minor adjustments) to clone the github repository and correctly pull in the latest stable (currently g4.7.0) compiling with Clang with additional optimization input, I got no desyncs with someone who compiled GZDoom with GCC instead. I was playing Hideous Destructor.

What I noticed apparently causing desyncs between Windows users is the problem of case-sensitive filenames vs non-case-sensitive, and the line endings in plaintext files, especially when using Git under Windows. If the whitespace between things don't match apparently it'll cause a desync.
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Re: Has anyone successfully hosted via Linux?

Post by Caligari87 »

I have hosted and joined many GZDoom multiplayer games from Linux with extensive Hideous Destructor modlists. I use the repository at http://debian.drdteam.org/ to install pre-compiled stable GZDoom and make sure everyone plays on the same version. Only ever have problems if someone loads the wrong mod versions.


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