Looking to playtest? TERMINATOR ARENA! for zandronum3.0

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Looking to playtest? TERMINATOR ARENA! for zandronum3.0

Post by skeletronmk666 »

hi all, not sure if this is the right place to put a zandronum compatable mod,, however im lookinig for playtester for my mod
the open ALPHA is avaliable
if you heard of me, i make terminator mods form the terminator series, this one is a multiplayer deathmatch mod, YOU ARE TERMINATED!

what am i looking for?



other concerns:

this mod is basically a mini port of my TERMINATOR DX mod over to zandronum and DECORATE.

here is where you'll find the file: https://www.moddb.com/mods/terminator-m ... alpha-test

have fun! please leave comments on the forum to tell me any concerns with the mod such as glitches or balancing issues.
also the mod comes with a map pack called: UNREPENTANT 3.0, but it's seprate you can you whatever multiplayer map pack you want.

thank you for your time and have fun. more description in the link above.

this mod may be subject to change over time.



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