Command-line GZDoom Windows batch script generator

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Command-line GZDoom Windows batch script generator

Post by i2van »

Command-line GZDoom Windows batch script generator.

Generates editable dbsg-<game>.bat where <game> is a game file.

Generated script can accept user parameters.

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  • Generates editable Windows batch GZDoom command-line launch script.
  • User can control generation using custom configuration.
  • Should work with any GZDoom compatible port.
  • Generated script can be easily customized.
  • Generated script is portable.
  • Generated script can accept user parameters.
  • Last saved game can be loaded on startup.
  • Generated script can set own last write time to launch time.
  • Generated script -w switch performs Wad Archive game search.
  • Generated script -g switch Googles game.
  • Generated script -c switch opens GZDoom command line parameters help.

Spoiler: dbsg.bat
Spoiler: dbsg-config.bat
Spoiler: dbsg-doom2.bat: dbsg.bat -w doom2.wad
Spoiler: dbsg-dead-air_v2.bat: dbsg.bat dead-air_v2.pk3

Copy script and game files to GZDoom dir first.

Code: Select all

dbsg.bat [-w] game [config.bat]

Code: Select all

-w             game is standalone, e.g. doom2.wad, etc.
game           any supported game (wad, pk3, zip, etc.).
config.bat     user batch config. If not specified 'dbsg-config.bat' will be used.

User batch config is executed first. The following variables are supported:

Code: Select all

doom           GZDoom executable. 'gzdoom.exe' is default.
doomConfig     GZDoom user configuration. 'gzdoom-%USERNAME%.ini' is default.
wad            main wad.
mods           mods (wad, pk3, zip, etc.).
deh            DEH patch.
bex            BEX patch.
savedir        savegames subdir. 'saves' is default.
shortdir       screenshots dir. 'screenshots' is default.
params         any parameters.
loadLast       load last save if set.
saveExt        save extension. 'zds' is default.
scriptPrefix   generated script prefix. '%%scriptName%%-' is default. "" for no prefix.
updateLaunch   updates last script launch time if set. set in config by default.

Edit generated script if you have any additional files.
  • Generate with default config:

    Code: Select all

    dbsg.bat dead-air_v2.pk3
  • Generate with custom config:

    Code: Select all

    dbsg.bat dead-air_v2.pk3 dbsg-my-config.bat
  • Specify -w flag for standalone game:

    Code: Select all

    dbsg.bat -w square1.pk3

Run script to launch the game. Any GZDoom parameters are accepted as script parameters if no script specific switches are specified.


Switches are mutually exclusive, only one at a time:

Code: Select all

-w             Wad Archive game search.
-g             Google game search.
-c             open GZDoom command line help.

Names with spaces, percent and culture-specific characters may not be handled properly.

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