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Is there a graphical interface for setting up and managing GZDoom / LZDoom' network games (like Zandronum / Doomseeker / Internet Doom Explorer), or is everything implemented only through the console?

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Not like Zandronum because it uses a client/server type of networking. Looks like Doomseeker and Doom Explorer mainly target this kind of client/server Doom port.

G/ZDoom still uses doom-style peer-to-peer, which means that all players must join before the game can launched. This makes it pretty much pointless to have any kind of "dedicated server". It's possible to use plain graphical launchers like ZDL to set up the parameters for a multiplayer game.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think Doomseeker and Doom Explorer can be used for engines like GZDoom, but you must know who you're playing with and coordinate with them first. You can't just join any GZDoom game randomly (if you could even find any).

(also to head off the inevitable question: GZDoom is theoretically planning to implement client/server networking to possibly work more like Zandronum, but it's a slow project and there is no ETA for when it will be completed.)


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