Zombie Horde 2 - Devbuild v0.2.0 - Dev diary 1 online

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Zombie Horde 2 - Devbuild v0.2.0 - Dev diary 1 online

Post by Fused »

Compatbility notice:

Zombie Horde 2 is a multiplayer mod for Zandronum. It uses the latest features of Zandronum and as of this moment it requires a special build not publicly released. A wiki was made for explanation on how to fetch the latest pipeline build, alongside other very important information such as running this mod with a fake iwad, and the order of the projects to run at. Click here for more information.

Zombie Horde 2 currently only exists in devbuilds, which exist for creation of your own maps. It is NOT a gameplay mod that should be used with other mappacks found online.


In Zombie Horde 2 you travel across the world and into dimensions to defend against Zombies.
Fight off the hordes of zombies in these places, and prevent yourself from getting infected until reaching either safety or cause the Zombies to succumb to the infection.
Do you have what it takes to win?


Zombie Horde 2 is a mod that has been in development for years by Xsnake, starting off as a simple passion project all the way back in 2010.
With vast features original gameplay, Zombie Horde has quickly a staple in the community with numerous servers containing an ever growing number of players.
Xsnake was very satisfied with how Zombie Horde turned out, and decided that it was time to pass the torch to somebody else to continue the work.
And now, the sequel is coming.


In Zombie Horde you play many different community and developer-made maps of many types.
As a human you will have to survive the hordes of zombies that come to infect and kill you.
As a Zombie, you infect everyone. No mercy.

Please note that Zombie Horde 2 is a total reboot. This means that the mod has been developed from the ground up, and will in no way be related to the code base of Zombie Horde by Xsnake.
To keep the post compact, the actual changes will not be listed as it is too much to point out.
Spoiler: Human weapons
Spoiler: Human tools
Spoiler: Zombie abilities
Spoiler: Screenshots

Technical information / Developing your own map
If you are interested in creating your own map then please consider joining my Discord server. You can find it in my signature, or click at the link at the bottom of the post.
Note that the developmental build is not a ready to use project that works with any version of GZDoom/Zandronum. This project targets unreleased versions of Zandronum, and therefore it is important you read about how to set it up on the wiki.

I have played the old Zombie Horde up until beta 28 (zh-beta28). What can I expect to see upon release, which is different compared to the old version?
  • A mod remade with the latest features of Zandronum.
  • Improved visuals, from sprites to textures.
  • Responsive weaponry that allows you to switch between each weapon quickly.
  • The ability to toggle details if it's all too much to handle.
  • Beautiful new maps with improved scripting and features.
  • Old maps, remade for Zombie Horde 2, which received great visual improvements, scripting and bug fixing.
  • Extended modding potential.
  • Improved player handling.
  • An extended list of client and server configuration to configure the game to your liking.
  • Improved mapping features and tools, allowing making a map for Zombie Horde incredibly easy. (read post #3 on how to make your own map very easily)

To be added.

Honorable mention
  • Xsnake, for making all of this possible.
Thank you to all the present and future mappers and testers as well.


To be added. You can find developmental builds above, or Click here.

This mod will require at least Zandronum 3.2 to play.
This mod has been compiled using BCC.
This mod is made for OpenGL. Software mode has been supported to a certain playable extent, but we strongly encourage the use of OpenGL rendering to get the most out of everything.

This thread will be updated frequently. Any criticism or feedback is appreciated.

Extra links
Zandronum thread
Discord server
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Re: Zombie Horde 2

Post by chronoteeth »

just a simple lil advice thing: when you mix sideview and front view weapon sprites in a loadout, it can clash horribly from an aesthetic design. that being said the maps look gorgeous, and i like the sawed off with the shell carrier!
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Re: Zombie Horde 2

Post by AlphaSoraKun »

I like the look of this mod, especially the Shotgun.
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Re: Zombie Horde 2 is coming

Post by Fused »

Hello everybody,
I know that there are a lot of users who remember Zombie Horde on this forum, so it is only fair to keep you updated by posting this crosspost. 8-)
Seven and a half years ago, I was asked by Xsnake to continue the development of Zombie Horde and become its new developer. In those seven and a half years, a lot has happened. One of these things is the fact that the project as a whole had to be put on hold for the time being. With this post I would like to announce that this project is no longer on hold, and it is officially back in development!

Yesterday, the Youtuber Br0leg released its next version of Floppy Disk Mod, and this includes my contribution by adding a variant of Zombie Horde 2.
It should be noted that this is a very watered down version since it made no sense to include more. This is a version with just the core gameplay, played on an escape map and a survival map. The most important thing is that this is the first big step at testing the new core system of Zombie Horde which has been rebuild from the ground up. I'm happy to say that this was a very big success and everybody enjoyed it. Floppy Disk Mod always gathers many players and it is the perfect way to truly test everything. While there is no guarantee that this version will be updated further, it was the first real step at building the true next iteration of Zombie Horde.

These years I have learned a lot, and with Zandronum seemingly improving each day it is time to give everybody the project that they are looking for. For the time being, the initial three posts have been stripped of any direct guarantees and previews since the project has shifted quite a bit in the vision that was initially set. I will update this thread with a proper post when I am ready to do so. For now, there is a long list that I will have to check off before I can share anything else.
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Re: Zombie Horde 2 - Devbuild v0.1.0

Post by Fused »

Devbuild v0.1.0

After a very long development cycle (which technically lasted 6 years) Zombie Horde 2 has finally come to a point where it is considered to be feature complete and ready to be used for development of maps. This has been a long time coming obviously, and I am very happy to say that as of right now you can download developmental builds which can be used to develop your own map. I have spend a lot of hours ensuring that developing your own map is as easy as it gets, and this includes the creation of a wiki page which explains in detail how to develop your map, including steps to migrate old maps.

The wiki exists as the main entrypoint to development and you should definitely spend some time looking through this if you plan on creating your own map.
Click here

You can download the developmental build here, or through the wiki when taking steps in developing your own map.
Click here

The initial post has been updated with this information.
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Re: Zombie Horde 2 - Devbuild v0.1.0

Post by ZzZombo »

Great job! Hope to play this with you someday! Best of luck!
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Re: Zombie Horde 2 - Devbuild v0.2.0

Post by Fused »

Zombie Horde 2 Devbuild v0.2.0
  • Added a collection of Doom 2 textures which can be used to develop a new or existing map. Note some textures were not included as these do not fit a Zombie Horde map. Some textures were modified to allow their decals to be reused on other textures. These special textures can be found in the `special` folder which is part of the collection.
  • Fixed an issue where the majority of lens flares would not properly brighten up.
  • Renamed a few textures which were using an inconsistent naming pattern.
  • Fixed an issue with the ACSUtils generated ACS file which caused a few compiler errors.
This release aims to fix the gap in textures that existed as many existing Zombie Horde maps actually use quite a bit of Doom 2 textures. With this release this gap is hopefully fixed and these maps can now properly migrate. Note the migration tool is also being worked on and especially a lot of the more fine textures might have been changed in some way which causes this tool to ignore them. I will address these in a future version.

Zombie Horde 2 Migration tools v1.1.0
  • Added migrations for Doom 2 textures

Download Devbuild v0.2.0
Download Migration tools v1.1.0

The wiki was also updated. The wiki now explains more clearly about the required configuration when it comes to developing for or playing with Zombie Horde 2. Always make sure to read the wiki when something is not clear.
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Re: Zombie Horde 2 - Devbuild v0.2.0 - Dev diary 1 online

Post by Fused »

Dev diary 1 - Weapons showcase

Hello everybody, I have uploaded the very first dev diary of Zombie Horde 2.
This video will be the first development diary for Zombie Horde 2, and it will cover all the weapons expected to be part of the initial release of the mod.
With this dev diary I would like to show some of Zombie Horde 2 and how far it is in development. I am planning on releasing more videos like this as the mod is being developed so everybody can see the progress of the project but also determine if they might be interested in contributing.

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