Fast Projectiles are not reflected

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Fast Projectiles are not reflected

Post by Zan »

Projectile actors who inherit : Fast Projectile do not seem to get reflected by actors who have +REFLECTIVE flag. Major Cooke said they shouldn't act like this, so I may have stumbled upon a bug.
I tried combining the +REFLECTIVE flag with +SHIELDREFLECT and +DEFLECT, and I get the same behavior, the fast projectile dies instead of being reflected like a normal projectile would.

Is it a bug or is it intended to work like this?
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Graf Zahl
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Lead GZDoom+Raze Developer
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Re: Fast Projectiles are not reflected

Post by Graf Zahl »

The FastProjectile is lacking several checks in the regular movement code. This is not easily added without a lot of code duplication and performance impact.
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Re: Fast Projectiles are not reflected

Post by Ichor »

This has been like this since the beginning. Try shooting the sapphire wand at a heresiarch with his shield up in Chocolate Hexen. You'd think it would bounce off, but no. It may not make the most sense logically, it's still expected behavior.

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