Issues with spotlights and pulsing/flickering lights

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Issues with spotlights and pulsing/flickering lights

Post by Nash »

Gutawer wrote:I've just noticed a fairly major issue with pulse and flicker spotlights. Pulsing/flickering lights use angles for pulse period, and spot lights use angle for, well, light angle. That means that you can't have a pulsing/flickering spot light with controllable angle and period, making them fairly useless in my eyes. No idea how that could be fixed, though - goddamn old ZDoom hacks!
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Re: Issues with spotlights and pulsing/flickering lights

Post by Major Cooke »

Shouldn't this be reported as a bug instead of a suggestion?
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Re: Issues with spotlights and pulsing/flickering lights

Post by Graf Zahl »

It should. But there's one problem here: This cannot be fixed without making a mess out of the dynamic lights' accessible variables. It's really too bad that a long time back ZDoomGL misappropriated the angle field but of course back then there was no UDMF. This will inevitably mean that for spot lights another variable needs to be used.

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