Dark Forces

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Re: Dark Forces

Post by wildweasel »

Well, you're probably going to want to have a lump called GLDEFS in there somewhere that has #include lines for the other two things. I'm not sure that "Doomdefs" works in PWADs; it might be restricted to gzdoom.pk3's use only.
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Re: Dark Forces

Post by BloodShot »

it is a pk3 though

tried both adding a gldefs with #include, and changing doomdefs to gldefs instead, neither with any success
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Lex Safonov
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Re: Dark Forces

Post by Lex Safonov »

BloodShot wrote:I've started working on a texture replacement pk3 for this

At the very least that way doom will look like Dark Forces
Mod for mod?) It's good idea.

Some another progress guys:
Normal Sky.
And polyobjects
It's hard work for me, my knowledge of your mappings are very small and map editor gives constant errors when editing the geometry level. :)

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