[WIP] Unnamed Doom RPG [Beta 3 Out]

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Re: [WIP] Unnamed Doom RPG [Beta 3 Out]

Post by Tapwave »

Demolisher wrote:This is not dead! Expect Beta 3 up next week. Also, should this go a more action oriented route, or a more RPG skill focused one? I am considering making medic skills to revive your allies, and the ability to have your marines revive you. Also I'm working on making marines more useful.
Oh god.

The only concern i have is that leveling is really damn slow, i've only gotten to level 20-ish after 25 levels of ludicrously monster-filled OBLIGE levels.
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Re: [WIP] Unnamed Doom RPG [Beta 3 Out]

Post by -Ghost- »

Yeah, I was playing through the Brutalized Doom 1 maps and still leveled pretty slow considering each level has 150+ monsters. Maybe you could add XP for finding secrets and such?
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Re: [WIP] Unnamed Doom RPG [Beta 3 Out]

Post by Demolisher »

Already added secret xp, will speed up leveling slightly, uses fallout 3's level formula right now, might change it slightly, I just need to fix the marine dialog, new font, and finsh RPG03, the third level. Purchasing items are not yet in atm, but should be in next week for beta 5, along with the 4th level and medics.

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