[Finished] The Russian Overkill - 3.0e

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[Finished] The Russian Overkill - 3.0e

Post by PillowBlaster »

[thumb]http://i1234.photobucket.com/albums/ff410/Magban724/avat_zps658c6bb7.png[/thumb]SOVIET POWER SUPREME!



So what this thing is all about?
My answer is pretty simple - hurt hellspawn with most overpowered and ludicrous arsenal in history, such as portable tank cannons, borscht-spewing lazer cannons, medieval maces, slamming ammo packs in monsters face (and then exploding it), fists made of shovels, gesture-coming-true device (TM) (aka. shooting fists), fart mines, inconspicuous superpowered revolvers, huge nuclear-powered energy cannons, miniguns shooting fighter jets that drop bombs!... and of course, nukes coming in all kinds of flavors (sometimes in a moment you would rather not expect a one). And that all is just the tip of the iceberg of madness that is Russian Overkill. If you feel like going nuts after a day of work or school and want the stress out of your system - this mod is for you.

Who gone done this?


The Crew in semi-detail:
PillowBlaster (Project lead who had put this whole thing together, involved in too much stuff within to really go over it all, just look into decorate files or ask me for info if you'll wanna snag something for yourself and give more accurate credit~)
KeksDose (Most of the ACS and zscript within the mod, with such cool features as countless iterations of projectile guidance, Redeemer-styled misile control, Ion cannon spinning, Ramjet control, proper Salvationsphere coding compared to my ugly-ass hack from before, new combo display table, and Nuke blast\Ion cannon blast sprites\old coding, among teaching me and serving other sprites for the art of particle effects within the mod.)
Zhs2 (RO_SetPreviousWeapon(), Backpack Expansion and Jetpack functionality, Shield reacting to hits and a lot of janitorial work.)

Major contributors and honorary Crew members:
Marty Kirra (Treesagent sprites and voicework, Bernie Screamer\Leviathan\MP40\Caber\Hotrod\some of the hands frames, and more!)
Stan423321 (Combo script and some of the vintage ACS that was done within the mod.)
Cage (Violator and Gurumaster alt-fire animation, Quadvolgue frames.)
DoomNukem (Sprites of Union or Silver Hornet.)
Sgt. Shivers (Animating Borsch and base for the Hotrod animation.)

Mod contents.
[spoiler=Characters, weapons, items, how2melee combos and other thingamajibs]COMBO SYSTEM!
This mod utilises combo system, similar to fighting games. Each character sports a different starting armament and melee, plus some more specific traits, like running speed, damage taken, max basic health... stuff like that. Oh, and most important - melee combos! Each character has different ones. Check the details of the classes to see what kind of combos each class has. They are triggered by proper moving sequence and triggering it with fire or alt-fire. Depends on the combo.

Reload (Holding reload button while having melee out shows you the comboes aviable to your character.)

That's all you need to unleash super attacks!

(Put here some nice biography of world war II veteran brought back to life with cybernetic technology and some vodka, who was such experienced madman, that he could kill entire brigade of nazi troopers with firematches and a... beaver. Don't ask what how the hell he got a beaver and what he did with it. He did, and it's sick enough.)

1 - Punch-o-krator: Combining Yuri's really chaotic mind, years of non-stop combat and fists which hurt as hard as a person hitting you with a shovel... well, he literally puts one/two imps to eternal sleep per second!
ALTFIRE: Using newest gas compression technology, special concentrate made of cabbage dumplings and sulphur aaaand special injector, the Yuri can quickly build up really a powerful... fart, which can be used to reach normally unaccessible places... or gib loads of monsters!

Falcon Punch - ADWWS, Fire
Ice Uppercut - ADSSSW, Fire

Cowplosion - WASDWASD, Alt-Fire
Domination - ASDSW, Alt-Fire

2 - Matchstick: A firestarter's weapon of choice, this innocently-looking revolver-like gun spews firebursting projectiles with extreme prejudice, because Russian Engineers thought it'd be funny to start random arsons at Lab 3A. These guys don't even drink, so why even care about them?!

FIRE: Fires a bursting projectile.
ALT-FIRE: Fires a sticky flare projectile that chews on the enemy it lands upon; if they die and something's unlucky enough to stand behind the dying fellow, the flare will continue flying towards its previous path and stick to next victim.

(Put here some nice biography of former specnaz member, who adores Dirty Harry series, and has special prototype device, which can make his gestures come true, so he can actually shoot... with fists!)

1 - Shooter fists: Imagine yourself holding a shotgun and KAPOW!... But you know what, you actually shooted a one! FOR REAL!
FIRE: Summon either invisible pump or lever action shotgun!
HOLD AFTER FIRE: Shoot the invisible shotgun continuously.
HOLD FIRE: Summon invisible revolvers!
ALTFIRE: Throw a rocket chair into your enemies face!

Machinegun - AD, Hold the Fire
Cannon - WS, Hold the Fire
Magnum Force - ASDW, Hold the Fire

Summon CRT Monitor - ADADW, Alt-Fire
Summon Rocket Propelled Chainsaw - DDWWW, Alt-Fire
Summon Concret Donkey - WASDDSAW, Alt-Fire

2 - "Screamin' Bernie" revolver: Some classic piece of armament, the "Screamin' Bernie" revolver isn't that much powerful. But is based on Warhammer:40K orcish style of weaponry - weapon is powerful, because it's LOUD!!
ALTFIRE: It's a Screamin' Bernie for a reason - HERE 'IT' COMES!

1 - Ammo satchels: Somehow running out of ammo? Don't worry, thanks to newly developed Paradox-Plus-Absurd-Means-In-Soviet-Russia device (Some people claim that it's stolen TMAR tech [people who said it were shoot - Stalin], and if somebody will guess what TMAR means, he will get a cookie.), it gives unlimited source of ammo packs, containing from time to time ammo to exotic weapons. Feeling lucky? Sometimes you can encounter a pack which contains all ammo and vast amount of items!
FIRE: Drop ammo pack.
ALTFIRE: Throw ammo pack so hard that you can hurt/kill enemies with it!
RELOAD: ...Did I mention those ammo satchels strangely remind C4? Mhm, yeah. Here's that present for ya!

(Watch Cardboard Marty's Treesagent: the Treelogy to find meaning of life!)

1 - Some close combat mumbo jumbo. He does quick punches and kicks with silly grunts, so you can feel silly while you are being silly.
FIRE: Punch!
ALTFIRE: Kick! (BOOOORING. Unless you'll use combos.)

Blue Screen of Death-Punch - AWDSSSAWD, Fire

Sparta Kick - DSAWW, Alt-Fire
Bicycle Kick - ASDWW, Alt-Fire

2 - "Silver Hornet" pistol. A hand-held demon-werewolf-vampire-mime-mother-in-law-yourself-whatever killing bauble.
FIRE: You know what, capt'n? You are obviously obvious.
ALTFIRE: This one isn't quite obvious, obviously. Ain't I obvious? Okay, I'll stop on it now. Anyway, alt-fire shoots a volley of bullet missiles out of your CLIP!

Jumping sticky bombs - Q (default bind, you can change it in controls menu): One of the most weird fruits of soviet scientists labor - a combo of pressure blast-based locomotion device, loud hydraulic system and spherical bomb with spikes and ability to track hostile targets - this weapon surely gives hella lot of fun with incredible parkour spectacle by chasing poor cacodemons!

Slot 1
Porzygun - A medieval trustworthy piece of skullbashing, being used effectively since middle ages, this certain model is made of asskickenum - a new element invented by Russian Engineers, to make it specifically indestructible, and even more painful to be hit with, at the same time!

FIRE: Swing it like a drunken russian!
ALT-FIRE: GET OVER HERE! Point in the general direction of the monster to drag him towards yourself. Keep holding it to proceed with immediate over-the-head smash!
RELOAD: Drunken spin attack - Hold the button till you faint!

Ullapool Caber - A weapon originated from scottish town named Ullapool. Russian engineers liked the weapon design so much, that they decided to get themselves a one... with a small modification. The biggest achievement in soviet explosives technology - a grenade specifically designed to be used in melee combat by user without harming himself! (read it as exploding into a burst of gibs.) Hilarity and explosions ensued.

FIRE\ALTFIRE: A sober person would throw it...
RELOAD: Perform a charge attack combined with damnated scream! (The weapon is cursed with evil spirits for extra power. When you hear evil whispers, it means the charge is ready.)
ZOOM: Kick the grenade into a GRENADO; you can adjust its size in the menu because... yea I dunno why but you can make it obscenely big. If you poor computer can handle it.

Perestroika - A fine technology developed in era of Mikhail Gorbachev, hence why it's is named after him. Spins the razorblade at speeds of a mach II jet, cutting everything like a profesional industrial grinder. But that's not all, folks. It also has mounted into it PPAMiSR tech, which provides it infinite surplus of sharp razor blades, which it can throw around on it's pleasure!

FIRE: Rotate the blade, aim at monster while you are next to him, and see his guts flying.
ALT-FIRE: Aim at monster, launch the blade, see his guts flying. Simple as that!
NOTE: If you press alt-fire while rotating the blade, you'll execute overclocked shot. See by yourself!

Excalibat - A dust which was left after legendary excalibur, the first england king, was found by accident by soviet scientist while excavating some old russian bazaar. They concluded that the folk who was trying to sell said dust was trading with a guy with giant, magical stone, and his corpse dates back to... ancient greece. How they could tell? Well, they both were under that spherical stone! Incredibly weird, but ain't that weird for russian scientists - in soviet russia, stuff like that happens everyday, every moment. Just ask them about digging to the centre of the earth with a spoon made of explodium. So, to conclude, being a great baseball fans, Russian Engineers took liberty to take new prominent sources of power from scientists, took the stone into gigantic industrial grinder, compressed it, took the dust from it, and from excalibat, combined both and infused into baseball bat... and voila! Most powerful "melee" weapon your eyes witnessed!

FIRE: Launches a volley of powerful energy bolts in an arc pattern.
ALT-FIRE: Excalistorm. See the havoc caused by it by yourself. Remember to hold the button!
RELOAD: Zoom button switches alt-fire mode. His second fire mode is "Sisyphus Best Buddy". What is it? Well, it's quite obvious, but I'd rather let you see it for yourself.

Powercube - The russian planar-travel programme finally gaved some effects - after discovering several different dimensions, russian expedition blasted a monster or two and scavenged some items on the way. One of them were magical gauntlets, holding interesting powers for melee combat. Russian engineers decided to reverse-engineer them, but thought that gauntlets were not silly enough, and psi-amps were not cool enough, they decided to rig their newest discoveries, like the almighty power of rave and gibberish, into self-replenishing standard-issue cell, they made the Powercube - most peculiar quadratic device ever created!

FIRE: Emmit a medium-ranged electrical storm, ripping through enemies.
RELOAD: The weapon is infused with some old-timey sacrificial artifact, too! Press reload to sacrifice 200 shell casings into a random powerup. The effects are stack-able in terms of lasting!

Berserker Pack - Yes, russian engineers were aware of need of berserk pack. But let's be honest, they are too damn lazy to incorporate it's effect to every single melee weapon and fists. They decided to create entirely new berserk pack, that allows you to use it in any moment, and you can clearly see it's effects. Turn your arms into trucks at your desire, and perform such horrifying screams that monsters flee away from you! (Metal dramatic music included.)

FIRE: Steroids? More like, ASTEROIDS!
ALT-FIRE: Throw them a "concrete" argument!
RELOAD: Unleash the scream! Makes monsters flee for a short period of time.
ZOOM: Activate dramatic metal-orchestral muzak for your personal pleasure of carnage!

Slot 3
Erasus - "Shotguns... always the same. It's so freaking boring. And I'm still hungry." - to quote one of the russian engineers from one of the more tedious expeditions to places where shell boxes grew rich, but actual food wasn't, and eating shotguns for few weeks straight might 'lead' to some food poisoning, you know. They came up with another idea to make advantage of such places, based on the "Tome of Arcane Deadly Disco stories" and "How to turn anything into Borsch". They redesigned their former shotgun into a marvel of a weapon, fullfilling the aforementioned gap in their arsenal (or diet) while still keeping the principles!

FIRE: Fires a prism lazer, it's charge-able.
ALT-FIRE: Rapid-fire lazer.
RELOAD: Fires a stream of freshly-converted, sour-cream added stream of radioactive borsch!

ZOOM: Changes the firing mode loadout.

Casingator mode:
RELOAD: Unleash the casing storm.
ALT-FIRE: Load up the casings.

Schwarzer Zwerg - A bastard child of shotgun, bazooka and machinegun (Yep, it was a TRIANGLE!). This puppy let's you fire explosive shells in a rapid succesion. Alt-fire loads up more shells in another unexplainable way, so you can blast an enemy with ridiculous amount of shells in one shot!

FIRE: Captain Obvious - DOUBLE KILL!
ALT-FIRE: Loads two shells into the chamber. You can load up to 30 shots. It increases recoil, though.
RELOAD: Takes the loaded shells back into your inventory.

Leviathan - Sometimes, two barrels don't do justice. And don't make you look awesome. It's most common thing in Russian Engineers flavour - twin-barreled. Everything is better with twin barrels! But then, what would it be, if one would extend it to... three barrels? The idea was nifty enough that Russian Engineers started working on concept, by simply slapping a lead pipe with a duct tape to standard double barreled. One would say "Utter nonsense!", But they saw... triple barreled shotgun, and it was good. The only problem is that it's still kinda boring, how they could, like, improve the concept? Quite simple - turn them into handguns! Or rather, handcannons!

FIRE: Captain obvious, you're here again? But wait, it's not really that obvious! This gun holds similar recoil capabilities like Quadvolgue has, so you can fling yourself around with regular fire's recoil. Handcannons jetpack? Why the hell not.
ALT-FIRE: Ye olde pun from ironsights! What do I mean by saying that? It works like in any modern shooter, but this one tightens the spread rudiclously for no reason, and paradoxally instead of slowing you down - you start moving faster while using it, har har!
NOTE: You can hold two of these at a time. Get yourself a pair of those!

Pantokrator - And you thought that chain-fed twin auto shotgun was ridiculous? Brace yourselves, here comes the almighty shell spitter, causing major havoc and destruction! Developed in case of packs of cyberdemons, sporting 10 barrels inside one, huge muzzle, the Pantokrator is also extremely potent in fire-rate, thanks to revolutionary reload system - instead of switching whole shells - the compressor simply sucks in the content of loaded into it shells, and then stuffs the chambers with it in a blink of an eye! Ridiculous? Totally! But that's not all what this compression system is capable of. Especially that it's based on certain empty cartidge compression system.

FIRE: Unload a wall of 10 shells at once.
ALT-FIRE: Well, you'd better get ready for that. Get yourself a stash of 200 spent shell cartridges, press alt-fire and... enjoy the classical slaughter.

Quadvolgue - On the fashion for quadruple shotguns, russian engineers decided to join the bandwagon, and create a one, too. Sporting extra shiness and spiffiness (I bet those aren't even accepted words... Shakespeare time!) due to secret Cage'o'Matic technology, that causes any gun made by it look overly awesome. Other than that, it sports extremely powerful recoil, making it a handy replacement for rocket jumps. And yeah, even if someone will try to up the bar by making six-barreled, or even eight-barreled shotgun, have no fear - this one has an ability to quadruple itself, making it a 4x4 barrel combo. Doesn't make any sense? Yes. Looks ridiculous? Yes. That's why it's awesome!

FIRE: Captain Obvious won't loose the job anytime soon...
ALT-FIRE: Quadruple the quadruple, get a sixteentiple (Shakespeare saves the day)! Basically, you emerge another three quadshotguns for no utter reason, and fire them. You can hold 'em and fire them by releasing the trigger!
RELOAD: Knockback suppresion mode. Feeling uneasy to be launched on the other side of the map each time you fire it? You can turn it down to a minimum with a one click! (and make yourself totally uncool without launching yourself into blue yonder each time you shoot with motherducking 4, or 16 barrels of DOOM!.. But whatever. Your choice, I don't judge you. Go ahead, keep calm and keep shooting nasties.)

Violator - The fruit of dimensional travel across the realms of old gods, this interesting take on flame-based weapons and shotguns is holding the spirit of quite angry deity of fire. Feed it with shotgun shells and pull the trigger to cause the mayhem! Enough power gathered in it can even call the blazing pillar from sky!

ALT-FIRE: Hold it to gather the power. If you hold till it fills up completely, pressing the trigger again will unleash the fire pillar. Be wary, you can easily toast yourself in the process. You can use the stored charge to burst out more projectiles. The pillar always travels forward your view direction during release.

ZOOM: This weapon is scoped.
NOTE: While scoped, you can't take advantage of charged shot, but you still can unleash the pillar, or shoot way more precise with regular fire.
RELOAD: Hold the button to guide the fire pillar around.

Slot 4
Matryoshka - "So what could possibly happen if we would turn something innocent and funny into a deadly weapon?" - this concept was running circles in norwegian miles around russian engineers heads for quite a time. The answer to that was obviously this weapon, a chaingun that shoots chainguns that shoots bullets! (due russian engineer's toaster limitations, they didn't want to go with that inception any deeper.), or in case you need to increase the agitation intensity in the area, the alt-fire is hand-crafted just for you!

FIRE: A chaingun that fires chainguns - already said in the description, captain.
ALT-FIRE: Do you feel agitated already?
RELOAD: Switch to hitscan.

Power Overwhelming: One of the most retarded and powerful piece of russian sense of firepower. Spewing out a barrage of bullets, capable of tearing through any target, no matter the armor or size. It's a weapon of choice for any total desecration maniac. And if that's not enough, it can fire out tank fireballs, C&C style! On top of that, it can provide healing and ammo support in form a dispenser deployment.

FIRE: Captain Obvious is not backing down!
ALT-FIRE: Fire tank fireballs.
RELOAD: Drop a dispenser.
ZOOM: Switch fire mode to homing bullets.

Antonov- Normally an aviation company would produce you planes, but this is Russia we're talking here - if it doesn't have a weapons lab department, it must mean they are... really lame scientists. At any rate, this weapon was designated to deal with planes on low-altitude, but the russian engineers, being crafty (and drunk) as they usually are, figured this weapon could be easily modified to deal with more grounded problems. Added with a healing tank dispenser and an energy wall for holding off the angry, drunken mob of russians - it should work on angry denizens of Hell, too.

FIRE: Fires a projectile that bursts into couple more, homing ones.
ALT-FIRE: Deploy a shield wall. Pressed again undeploys it.
RELOAD: Smelt boolet casings into a healing tank.

Gorynch, aka [censored with duct tape. Theoretically you could still read it, since it's transparent, but let's just say it burns eyes. :wink:] - Power Overwhelming, being pinnacle of Russian minigun tech, their best creation since lava-based vodka shots, is, well, hard to surpass. But that doesn't mean one can't give it a try. By developing a new locomotor system, Russian Engies made the minigun-class weapon have incredible fire control, giving the user ability to control the fire with ease. The only flaw though that it slows the user down when it's being fired. Well, it might rip one's arms off or get him injured by recoil. One could say that "Pfft, he can carry the load of 2 tons of ammo and weapons, and lift a lorry!". But yeah, having a force equal of a fully loaded jumbo jet at full speed pushing your arm is a bit... high, even for russian standards.

FIRE: Revs up the minigun, and then you can fire it while it's on the go.
ALT-FIRE: Goes back to idle mode. Gun locomotor is immensely loud, thus alerting monsters.

Union - Named after the principle of the reds, this rifle fires not-quite-your-average-sized bullets to give enemies of the people an exploding headache. Among that, it can also help the aforementioned working class with a healthy dose of healing! (Please ignore the reports about someone being shot in the head with a healing shot was reported dead, that's a filthy Hell propaganda.)

FIRE: Captain Obvious will demand a payment raise soon, probably.
ALT-FIRE: Same ordeal as above, except it heals you while firing and any allied players struck with it.
RELOAD: Switch to burst fire mode.

Master Obliterator - A minigun. Shooting jet planes. A carpet-bombing minigun. If that doesn't make your thoughts turn red and wish to bid farewell to slavian girls, and enter the front for mother russia!~... well, scuse me. Basically, if you need to raid a city without a need to reach right altitude, this will do.

FIRE: Yep, he just came in for a payday!
ALT-FIRE: Stops the spinning.
RELOAD: Throw an airstrike marker can. Russian engineers not recommend standing anywhere near the vicinity of what's about to get airstruck.

Slot 5
Pushka - A most common weapon for any russian fella - a handheld cannon. Sounds crazy? Nah, that's a standard on the far east! The alt-fire unleashes an energy bomb, which deflects most projectiles (and monsters) while flying, and it creates a repulsion field. You can stack them up to create yourself a safe space, but we warned - each repulsion field also drains your ammo.

FIRE: Captain Obvious, aren't you demanding a bit too much?
RELOAD: It loads up the shells, up to 10 on standard clip.
ALT-FIRE: Launches repulsion ball. It pushes everything on the way, and deploys the field on impact. It stays around as long as you can keep up with your ammo.
ZOOM: Detonates the repulsion field(s).

Torchglow - Have you ever had an urge to burn everything in sight in fancy patterns? Well, wonder no more, as Russian Engineers developed new way of disposing nasty monsters and preparing bonfires or makeshift super grills in no time! Torchglow, using brand new (old as fuck) developed (stolen) technology, which will induce a smile on your face, and fire on your enemies! If you are looking to scorch enemies or make medium-rare - Torchglow is your choice!

FIRE: Launches firewall bomb. It spreads out during the travel. (Not infinitely though; that'd kill even most powerful computers in big areas on a fly!)
ALT-FIRE: Launches fireblast bomb. It spawns in a X-pattern a handful of combusting explosions.
RELOAD: Launches a volley of fire missiles, just for those moments when you need that hail of concentrated hellfire!

Hotrod - This classy gun has built-in hot, smelted metal container and shape maker. It can produce in a fly super hot rods, balls, shredded metal and immediately launch them at a poor victim, which isn't fast enough to hide. And how the hell it uses 100mm shells as munnition? Well, the gunpowder from it serves as power surplus, and the projectile plus casing serves as metal provider. How does it work? We don't know either, we were drunk as usual while making it. - Russian Engineers.

FIRE: Launches a hot steel rod.
ALT-FIRE: Launches a pack of hot, shredded metal.
ZOOM BUTTON: Simply changes you into scoped mode, but there is one important change - ALT-FIRE in zoomed mode launches a bouncy metal ball, explodes on contact with monsters and walls.

Beef Supreme - A really honoured person in circles of Russian Engineers, a renowned resocialization expert - That's Beef Supreme - high impact projectile launcher!

FIRE: Fires a Thumper Shell; a high-explosive shell that hits the spot more than once, causing anything stupid enough to try walking past first blast die... and die again... and die once more.
RELOAD: One of the only weapons that actually reload! Hold the button to keep loading shell stacks. (Six 100mm shells per stack; Two per one shot.)
ALT-FIRE: press zoom to set up a Beef Turret in front of you! (costs ten 100mm shells to place it. You can pick up the turret to change it into weapon again.)

Rasputin - What could possibly better refer to a multiple mode elemental weapon than naming it after a guy, who was killed with many different means of killing at the same time? Versatile and powerful, Rasputin lives up to it's name by exploding, combusting, exploding, freezing, intoxicating, and again exploding his targets!

FIRE: Launches a shell dependable on the active fire mode.
ALT-FIRE: Hold alt-fire and press strafe left, forward or strafe right to switch clip types; press the same mode again to revert to default mode.

Steamroller - The Volga-Steelworks and Guntech Co., in cooperation with russian engineers created this one hell of a portable cannon - shooting blazing cannonballs at astoundishing speeds, it can also lay powerful sticky bombs, that can be exploded on demand. Stick a one to a cacodemon, launch it across the room into crowd of monsters and detonate for maximum satisfaction!

FIRE: Captain Obvious, you are totally getting all the praise today!
ALT-FIRE: Deploy a sticky bomb. (More than three stickies deployed while detonating triggers KA-BOOOOM!! (Not that it has any impact on gameplay. In case someone wants to feel awesome while he blows up something, and to know how to do that!)
RELOAD: Reload sticky bombs. Hold the button to reload constantly. (Four per stack; Two per one sticky.)
ZOOM: Detonate sticky bombs.

Slot 6
Colonel Pillskanone - Ze healing hurts.... ze hurting still hurts. Oh well, healing is not as rewarding as killing people, as one Wahnwitz said. The Pillskanone is a weapon specifically designed to fullfil all mad doctors needs, and even if you don't have a PhD in destruction - you can easily afford that with this weapon, soulbound with an american corpo-worker drug addict as a transfer device for it's destructive purposes! (Warning, using this weapon on the longer runs may induce extreme need to exclaim your love for pills!)

FIRE: Constant stream of explosive pills that bounce off the floors and ceilings; they have homing capabilities while bouncing.
ALT-FIRE: MEDIKIT BOMB, NOW WITH EVEN MORE PILLS! (You can charge it, and it has four charging stages which adds stuff like exploding medikits... bouncing exploding homing medikits... which you can pick up afterwards!)

Comrade - Sometimes you need a weapon, which is highly destructive to both user and targets. A weapon, which has a nasty habit to be unpredictable and of course - it must make things go boom. The answer is pretty simple - a corner-shot surpise, an alltime classic of self-destruction - grenade lawnchair!... umm, heheh - I meant grenade launcher. Press zoom button to switch between bounce and impact modes of grenades. It also has built-in time stop device. Show them capitalist hell swines that there's always a time for... kollectivization!

FIRE: *Punch noise* That's my job!
ALT-FIRE: Stops the time. It eats red cells while doing so, so be cautious with your counter.
RELOAD: Switches the grenades mode. They can either bounce or explode on relation with the area.

Gopnik - Another weird Russian Engineers byproduct, this thing supposed to be a frisbee launcher. But hey, remember about universality! Now serves a powerful mine laying tool, so everyone who would want to trespass mother russia... watch on your feet.

FIRE: Launch the mine.
ALT-FIRE: Switches fire mode; Hold alt-fire and press strafe left, right or forward to change firing mode. Press the same fire mode again to switch back to regular fire mode.

Mutilator - A contraption made of reverted vacuum imploder, someone's sanity and spare cookbook, this not-quite-small tool was modified so far 3574 times, this weapon is probably still far from perfection, being made of cardboard and lightmatches with a little assistance of DIY-book containing info about it's construction (author - "MacGyver"), but at least it doesn't explode you in the face anymore (well, kind of), this tool is useful at clearing rooms from nasties in chaotic way!

FIRE: Spits tornadoes that releases beheaded kamikazes. (wat)
ALT-FIRE: Charges the weapon's compression tank. Used for airblast jumps and powered kamikazenado launches.
ZOOM BUTTON: Switch firing mode! You can also fire raw explosions, or ultra-compressed air. It's so dense that it blocks oncoming projectiles and hits monsters really hard.
NOTE: You can stop charging by clicking FIRE while charging. The power you have charged by that time is saved for another shot.

Shurricane - After watching too much ninja-related crappy movies from 70s-80s, Russian Engineers thought it would be cool to incorporate something from their arsenal in their next weapon. The weapon they had in works was shooting guided missiles, nothing really special... rigging it to use "new" ammunition wasn't a problem at all. Other than that - this weapon has one of the most ridiculous alternate functions ever created. I mean it - this is not your ordinary "decoy". It uses most powerful feeling in universe to cause some serious infights amongst the monster ranks!

FIRE: Launches a volley of guided, self-propelled explosive shurikens. (It's not that obvious, go away, Captain!)
ALT-FIRE: Oh, I can't spoil that - You need to see it in action yourself. I can only note that you can make it stop in midair by clicking alt-fire again, if you launched it. Pressing it again causes the self-destruct, in case you want to deploy it fast somewhere else. Note that it won't give you back used munnition!

Chton - Yet another fruit of interstellar trips into other dimensions, after visiting grim and dark temple of some another ancient demigod of fire, russian expedition didn't gave a single... cake, about his status, and electrocultated the hell out of him, after noticing that he is quite prone to electrical weapons. After gathering his remnants and performing some tests, russian engineers yet again surprised their superiors with another invention - Inflatable Meteor Cannon! (Forget about inflatable - we screwed up something in the formula, and it's a sheer metal again, sadly. - Russian Engineers.)

FIRE: Launch a formidable-sized meteor! It chomps through most enemies, but it can blow up on the larger threats.
ALT-FIRE: Deploy a meteor shower beacon. After a moment of gathering enough material in space, it hurls it down onto itself. (I thought of rare occasion it would take down entire Sputnik, but I couldn't get my hands on some decent space station graphic. Like anyone had an idea to do that!)

Slot 7
Tepesch - Named after the expert in both fields of 'putting things on vertical pain', or being 'heartbroken' - this weapon's purpose is pretty obvious - give anything standing in your way some food for thought about being skewed to walls, or united with the ceiling, thanks to biggest impaler of them all. In soviet russia - you are the irony!

FIRE: Fires stakes at quite astonishing fire rate.
ALT-FIRE: It deploys a giant impaler on the ground. Best to be aimed obviously at the ground, but once you get the rough idea how it works - you can start using it to reach enemies in funny ways.
ZOOM: The weapon is scoped.

Stachanov - Since the Stalin hired a man called Kane, in depths of Vladivostok secret lab - the new laser weapon based on supreme nuclear technology of soviet russia was developed. Vastly powerful and scorching many targets in a row, with an ability to charge it up, it's surely great addition to soviet arsenal of utter destruction and dumplings!

FIRE: Launches a red lazer, ripping through enemies. You can hold fire to add to it extra power!
ALT-FIRE: Deploys Obelisk Incarnation - a sentient energy blob, that toasts targets around until it burns itself out. You can can deploy them up to three in short-handed time. Stachanov needs to recharge it's crystal capacitor each time you form a one.
ZOOM: The weapon is scoped.

Instafuneral- Shooting streams on ionized energy, this thing will make the air around you fresh, and monsters!... freshly dead.

FIRE: Fire a single-barrel.
ALT-FIRE: Fires an energy sphere that zaps monsters on the way.
ZOOM BUTTON: Zoom present!

Channeler Mark II - Based on some author's old shitty weapon, this weapon fire steady stream of plasma, which if doesn't hit any target, it will bounce off to the nearest one. Keep in mind it does it only once.

FIRE: As explained in main description.
ALT-FIRE: Fires a plasmic earrape wave, which chews everything on the way onward. Oh, and it keeps going even if it hits the floor. It bursts on the walls, though.

Petrovec - After establishing another offbranch lab in capital city of Serbia, serbian engineers decided to tackle something classic at first, with a twist. Using freshly discovered Vearetelium as an energy surplus, they created a plasma rifle with bouncing projectile capabilities. Something was still missing though... That something was... self-guidance! After showing russians a video of them, prancing around the lab chambers, causing general havoc, all they had to do is to give them a seal of approval.

FIRE: Fires a self-guided vearetelium ball, non-boucing.
ALT-FIRE: Fires a self-guided vearetelium ball with extra bouncing, but also sports a lifespan till it blows up. Uses the separate clip ammo.
RELOAD: Another weapon which actually reloads.

Ramjet - Not your usual sniper rifle, Ramjet sports the power of dark matter to cause insane amounts of damage upon targets that are unfortunate to stay in the line of fire. To make matters worse, it has a self-propulsion device and is radio-controlled like an RC-Car, rigged with a camera in the scope. What does that mean? Well, welcome to the new level of extreme camping, flying around the rifle and shooting people in their faces!

FIRE: Captain Obvious totally rocks this place.
ALT-FIRE: Deploys the rifle into guided mode; launching it costs 50 ammo. You can stop it in mid-air by clicking ALT-FIRE again. Press RELOAD to retract the rifle back; it explodes in dark matter cloud, damaging nearby monsters, and you retrieve the 50 ammo you spended on it.
ZOOM: This weapon is scoped.

Slot 8
Deathhead - It was proven earlier many times that russian engineers likes "boomy stuff". But this...! this, my friend, is entire new level of "boomy stuff". Armed with multiple high-explosive cluster warhead, the Deathhead can devastate entire towns with few innacurate shots. Combine it with an inexplicable way of combining few cluster warheads into a nuclear warhead... veni, vidi... KA-BOOOM!!

FIRE: Blast your targets with cluster missile! Watch out though, hitting it into wall before it spreads out leads to a nasty throwback of the clusters, which may rend you lacking your body parts.
ALT-FIRE: Deploy a guided nuclear missile. What? Should I add some witty text here? Dude, slapping a nuclear missile inbetween some poor sucker's eyes isn't enough for you?!.. Yeah, I guess you're right. There's never enough!
NOTE: This weapon can be amplified with proper inventory item. Use it to activate, and press alt-fire to see the results.

Yamato - A gift from secret japan communist superweapon laboratory of supreme laborers, this nuclear-powered, joy-inducing pal can blast entire city in a wonderful display of superatomic mushroom goodness. Since all communists have similar taste, the weapon has of course some retarded function!

FIRE: Perform quite deadly battleship barrage.
ALT-FIRE: Launch a Yamato Blast!
Reload: Switches the weapon's alt-fire to Quantum Jump. What does it mean? Well, behind this mysterious technobabble name hides... simple rocketjump. Actually, not that simple. You perform a jump into timespace by launching yourself with yamato projectile, at the speed of quantum particle, which results in... well, just hold alt-fire to change fire mode, then use the regular fire and... see the effects.

Planet Cracker - Super-powerful hugeass portable ion cannon. Description simply isn't necessary... Other than mentioning the fact it keeps air fresher!

FIRE: Launches a bolt of ionized particles, ripping through everything onward. Keep in mind it also has BFG-alike spray attack on impact.
ALT-FIRE: Launches an empowered bolt, which on impact releases all of it's power, which is spread around the hitted place. The satellite in stratosphere gathers scattered ion charges into an ion blast from sky.
NOTE: This weapon can be amplified with proper inventory item. Use it to activate, and press alt-fire to see the results.

Image It's not that big, it shows properly in-game. I am just too lazy to scale the preview down to match the in-game size.
Vindicator - A newest invention of Russian Engineers, this marvelous contraption launches concentrated plasma capsules, which causes general havoc amongst demons ranks! Ooor to protect your ass from said ranks, your choice!

FIRE: Fires the gun. What a news, Captain. Just watch where you fire it!
ALT-FIRE: Launches an plasma capsule, which releases on impact huge unstable plasma blob that after some time gets into critical expand mass, causing a chain reaction inside of itself. This leads to extremely powerful release of plasma wave, which goes horizontally. Keep it mind, you can find a safe spot by being above or beneath it! (Same goes for monsters, so be cautious.)
RELOAD: Sets up the same effect repulsion field as Pushka does, but much larger. You can stay safe within it, hence named "Plasmic Sanctuary". Keep in mind though that fast projectiles, energy projectiles and hitscans can go through it (yours too).

Gurumaster - New sources of power usually means new superweapon, and this one is no exception. The Gurumaster makes full use of Vearetelium capabilities, unleashing gazillions of particles of said substance into atmosphere, causing vearetelium rainstrike! Other than that, you'd better not inhale the dust it tends to leave behind - it's quite toxic!

FIRE: Captain Obvious - the last will!
ALT-FIRE: Uh oh, you'd better find some cover... or not, that won't work. Just keep as big distance as you can!

Borsch - Named after one of the most delicious things in this world (at least for russian engineers), Borsch is a dark matter cannon, shooting out malicious, dark projectiles that devour everything on the way, or simply launch a full-scale black hole that does said thing even better. Watch out though - even thought the black hole doesn't suck you into itself, whether you are a friendly target or not - it turns everything in close proximity into nothing, if it gets too close.

FIRE: Launch dark matter projectile that noms everything in the way!
ALT: Deploy a black hole. You do realize how black holes work in video games, I hope?
NOTE: This weapon can be amplified with proper inventory item. Use it to activate, and press alt-fire to see the results.


Jet Thruster - Abraham Lincoln invented stairs, and William Shakespearicles invented rocket jumping. First one is boring, but safe, second is funny, but dangerous. Russian engineers combined both funny and safe by creating jet thrusters - disposable rocket engines, which lets you to travel for a short period of time in air. Believe me or not, but it's one of damn most useful things in the world!

Shitstorm Device - Russian engineers loves explosions. They also love high rate of fire. Combine those both, and you get... nope, not Katyusha. It was already achieved. Katyusha lacked one thing - the explosions weren't powerful enough. So our soviet technicians developed a shitstorm device - and believe me, it is a shitstorm. Why shitstorm? Well, it's really shitty for everything around it when it comes.

Power Amplifiers - Stalin in real life has twenty meters. Seriously, I am not kidding. Trocky on the other hand was a freaking midget. Lenin was the only one that could surpass Stalin. In honour of those three personas of Soviet history, Russian Engineers named the weapon amplifiers for Deathhead-Planet Cracker-Borsch, respectively. Use to activate, press alt-fire with the corresponding weapon, and see the carnage... from Russia with love!
Image Image Image

Quick-nuke - The motto of russian engineer is: "Never enough big explosions". As a proof, the next installment of self-defence for russian ladies was not a pepper spray, but... portable quick-launch nuclear missile launcher.

Empowered Vodka - Based on flame of russian spirit itself, thanks to it you can feel like you are in mother russia while being anywhere! (Gives you health, fears away monsters, increases damage you deal and some other various things. That's vodka y'know - main power source of russian warmachine!)

Warpocalypse Control Pad - Because there's no proper Overkill without an automated tank defense, right? This monstrous tank devised by russian engineers under influence of high-alcohol induced hardbass party sports high-caliber cannons, four missile racks, a machinegun, propaganda tower, and even a bunch of nukes!

"Hindenburg Two" Beacon - As name suggests, it's a beacon.
It is a targetting beacon... for a 41460mm CANNON. LAUNCHING ZEPPELIN-SIZED BOMB.

Shields - Since soviets tend to work in hazardous areas, dealing with those pesky problems was always... well, a problem. The russian engineers got a brilliant idea to develop a shield, which can protect you from any kind of attack! And you know what? It wasn't specifically designed to protect you from monsters, but... from yourself. That's right, considering how lethal guns you use, it is more likely to die because of accidental suicide than at the enemy's hands. Silly, isn't it?

Supermap - Russian engineers are not kind of "better safe than sorry" people, but after last party they got so drunk that they couldn't find their way back home. And when they did, there were usually wives waiting for them arned with rolling pins, ready to dispense their anger why they didn't come for dinner. So they developed wonderful auto-scanning map, which not only shows you entire area (so you can get home while you are drunk), but also shows objects, like goodies or foes (for instance, russian engineer's wife with rolling pin).

Megafancypants Sphere - Mega and fancy, also carries a new pair of pants. Gives you solid health bonus and full shield.

Enviro Sphere - This handy powerup activates automatically if you have already a one in inventory. It protects you from hazards like sludge, lava and... common demon projectiles.

Battle Sphere - A new addition to the sphere galore, the Battlesphere gives you temporary immunity to most powerful weapons at your disposal. Now go and perform a REAL yamato jump!

Weegee Sphere
- A terryfying, glaring eye, this powerup lets you see better in dark areas and drains life from poor monsters while you hurt/kill them.

Salvation Sphere - This powerup works something like a "second chance" or "extra life" of sort. While active, it can heal you up and teleport to starting zone if you get hit and your health drops below 500, saving your sorry ass. Be warned though, if you get hurt more than said threshold, it won't activate.

RED Sphere - This powerup doubles the damage you deal.

BLU Sphere - This powerup decreases the damage you take by half.

Screamer Sphere - A powerup that turns you into some horrible visage that scares the monsters away and makes them less inclined on attacking you.

Shield Sphere - A temporary invulnerability combined with the ability to deflect projectiles hitting you.

EXTREMESPHERE!!! - A mix of powerups that changes you into a screamy deathbringer while metal plays in background. It makes you invulnerable, quadruples the damage you deal, increases your speed, jump height and increases fire speed for some weapons/meeles and packs you up with shield/health! Why then that powerup doesn't scare away the monsters? Well, to maximize it's effectiveness - You see Ivan, if monster not run, it easier to shoot with boolet!

Fork Sphere - What happens when you enclose a very angry, dark deity of pitchforks in a sphere to be used as a cool powerup? Magic, my friend, a true magic happens!
FIRE: Strike thine enemies with a super-powered pitchfork!
ALT-FIRE: Causes a very nasty forkstorm. They don't guide into targets, but they still cause a lot of bruises!
RELOAD: This powerup is infinite. To make it dissapear, switch weapon. That's right, clear the map, go back to your regular form, collect the spoils. Groovy!


Yellow "Junk" box - Crafting basic weapon, mostly additional pistol.

Green "Caliber" box - Bullet hitscans caliber upgrade, higher firepower.

Red "Nuker" box - Explosive projectiles gain minor uranium empowerment, higher firepower.

Blue "Quad" box - Shells get quad upgrade, higher firepower.

Kino experience (more footage on the channel)

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Re: [WIP] Russian Overkill

Post by Duducrazy »

in soviet russia, the weapons fire you!!! :D
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Re: [WIP] Russian Overkill

Post by CommanderZ »

The nuke looks awesome. I hope it is not too awesome to use.
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Re: [WIP] Russian Overkill

Post by Jimmy »


I'm really looking forward to getting this, and even better, deluding myself into thinking I have some sort of skill when it comes to killing monsters. :P
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Re: [WIP] Russian Overkill

Post by Xim »

CommanderZ wrote:The nuke looks awesome. I hope it is not too awesome to use.

Glad to see somebody is using my sprites. [/shameless self plug]

Anyways this looks hella awesome. I love how you get the laser/railgun.
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Re: [WIP] Russian Overkill

Post by PillowBlaster »

Duducrazy wrote:in soviet russia, the weapons fire you!!! :D

Indeed, indeed!

Jimmy wrote:YES.

I'm really looking forward to getting this, and even better, deluding myself into thinking I have some sort of skill when it comes to killing monsters. :P

Glad to hear it!

CommanderZ wrote:The nuke looks awesome. I hope it is not too awesome to use.

Don't worry, there's a real plentiful of nukes onward. :wink:

Xim wrote:Glad to see somebody is using my sprites. [/shameless self plug]

Anyways this looks hella awesome. I love how you get the laser/railgun.

And I'm glad you like it! I must say that I couldn't find more fitting rifle for my needs than that one.

Oh, and can some admin change my name to "PillowBlaster"? I would be really thankful.
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Re: [WIP] Russian Overkill

Post by Xaser »

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Re: [WIP] Russian Overkill

Post by bgraybr »

AWESOME! I saw this in a youtube video months ago and I've been looking forward to it since then!
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Re: [WIP] Russian Overkill

Post by Shadelight »

Why is it called Russian Overkill?
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Re: [WIP] Russian Overkill

Post by XutaWoo »

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Re: [WIP] Russian Overkill

Post by Marisa the Magician »

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Re: [WIP] Russian Overkill

Post by Vertigo »

I'm so keen to try this with the 10x wad :D
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Re: [WIP] Russian Overkill

Post by amv2k9 »

Looks very cool!
What are the maps you're playing on in the video?
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Re: [WIP] Russian Overkill

Post by Ryan Cordell »

I have a feeling it's mostly Sunder.
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Re: [WIP] Russian Overkill

Post by Jimmy »

Looks like the Cheogsh trilogy.

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