[Release] Parkour -- v1.1

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[Release] Parkour -- v1.1

Post by Xaser »


Parkour v1.1 has been released to /idgames! Huzzah!

What's new in v1.1:
  • Dual-wielding is fixed so it now works on modern ZDoom versions (e.g. 2.8.1).
  • ...that's literally it.
For those who don't yet know what to expect, here's what Parkour has to offer:
  • Kickass enhanced weaponry, such as the Rocket+Flamethrower, Chaingun+Grenadelauncher, Akimbo Pistols, and the super-stylish Dual Sawnoffs!
  • Totally unrealistic dodging moves!
  • Wicked-awesome kickjumping!
  • Only stock Doom 2 resources used, thanks to the magic of ZDoom's TEXTURES. It's a weapon mod you can fit inside a lunchbox!
What are you waiting for? Parkour Up!
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Re: [WIP] Parkour Mod [Trailer]

Post by Shadelight »

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Re: [WIP] Parkour Mod [Trailer]

Post by Xim »

I want.
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Re: [WIP] Parkour Mod [Trailer]

Post by XutaWoo »

And this is why Xaser is one of the top ZDoom modders of all time.
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Re: [WIP] Parkour Mod [Trailer]

Post by wildweasel »

Release this already, dammit. =P
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Re: [WIP] Parkour Mod [Trailer]

Post by esselfortium »

Now if that isn't just fantastically cool. The wall-jumps are especially nifty.
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Trooper 077
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Re: [WIP] Parkour Mod [Trailer]

Post by Trooper 077 »

Looks amazing and it is simply incredible you can make something that entertaining out of doom resources,Something tells me you just won the doom mutaitor contest
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Re: [WIP] Parkour Mod [Trailer]

Post by ClonedPickle »

Xaser, can you make sure that before you die, your brain is preserved and stored for centuries or however long it takes for humanity to develop the technology to either recreate humans from their brains or something like that? Thanks.
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Re: [WIP] Parkour Mod [Trailer]

Post by Mortarion »

As a Traceur, I approve this.
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Re: [WIP] Parkour Mod [Trailer]

Post by ZDG »

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Re: [WIP] Parkour Mod [Trailer]

Post by qwerqsar »

OMFGs!!!! Niceork there!
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Re: [WIP] Parkour Mod [Trailer]

Post by Jimmy »

Nice one, Xaze. :) Once again you push ZDoom to its very limit.

I am positive this will play at least twice as good as the trailer looks. :P (Which is fantastic, by the way. ;))
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Re: [WIP] Parkour Mod [Trailer]

Post by lizardcommando »

As Neo from the Matrix once said: "Woah".
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Re: [WIP] Parkour Mod [Trailer]

Post by scalliano »

Looks like all bets are off :woh:
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Re: [WIP] Parkour Mod [Trailer]

Post by tsukiyomaru0 »

Just the intro of the video made my jaw drop. :shock:

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