[v1.0.0] Psychic -- HEY LOOK ITS RELEASED NOW

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[v1.0.0] Psychic -- HEY LOOK ITS RELEASED NOW

Post by Xaser »

--A psychotic gameplay mod for ZDoom.--

Current Release: v1.0.0, 12-27-21
--Compatible with ZDoom 2.8.1, Zandronum 3.0, and modern GZDoom.--

.....Xaser - Concept, weapons, design, insanity
.....ZeroProphet - HUD, menus, buy system, ghostwriting
.....Kate - Early testing, hacking, constant support, mysteriousness
.....SIR Belfin (MasterOFDeath) - Accidental co-founder, ideas&support, good chaos
...& the testing team:
.....WildWeasel, Project Dark Fox, Chopkinsca, DoomRater, Snarboo, Bashe, Jimmy, Marty (sorta)

.....Patch for KDiZD - adds BM-drops for enemies and fixes weapon slots.
.....Patch for DVII - fixes a nasty potential lockup in MAP01.


v1.0.0 Changelog:
  • Player sprites are done! Heckin' finally!
  • Added graphical loader sequence thingy -- Go Psycho!
  • Couple of minor graphical tweaks/improvements that probably nobody but me will notice. :P
  • Fixed a random-ish crash that can occur while using Psychosphere-powered weapons in Automatic mode

Beta 6 Changelog:
  • Now works in latest GZDoom, while still maintaining compatibility with ZDoom 2.8.1
  • ...that's about it, really. Just a bugfix update.

Beta 5 Changelog:
  • Heretic, Hexen, and Strife support! Megahuge thanks to amv2k9 for this!
  • More Bloodmoney! Monsters drop roughly 2x more BM, since the paltry amount given before was practically worthless for leveling up, forcing the player to rely on weapon drops a bit too much.
  • GLDefs, thanks to DBThanatos!
  • New, smoother bobbing style! Because why not? ;)
  • Plasma now has a slightly increased blast radius on higher levels.
  • Lightning levels 1 and 2 now do slightly more damage per shot, to compensate for their low chaining ability.
  • Mega-revamped Needlegun graphics and sounds, thanks to The Funktasm!
  • The Needlegun is now considered 'silent' and will not awaken dormant monsters, making it a bit more desirable on land ops.
  • Some internal code improvments, including use of named scripts for the buysystem and cleaned up DECORATE+ACS.
  • Mod is now a .pk3, for better organization and sanity purposes.
  • Play Style (Normal / Automatic) added to the New Game menu, finally -- no bloody "Random" option either. ;)
  • Probably a bunch more fixes and things that I'm never going to remember.

Strife Notes:
Psychic, as of Beta 5, fully supports Strife play, but a few key departures from the original should be noted in order to play normally:
  • In Strife (and only Strife), Steel is considered 'silent'. This allows you to progress "stealthily" through the areas that "require" it. The Needlegun is pretty useful in such scenarios as well, but this will ensure you'll never get stuck since you're always guaranteed to have Steel.
  • The Sigil is still present. It's in Slot 6, it runs off PSI instead of health now, and some of the firemodes (namely 2, 4, and 5) have been revamped to better fit the apparent power scale. You can use regular Psychic attacks with it too, but currently the animation for such is undone because Xaser am a lazy barg.
  • As Degnin ore cannot exist in the inventory bar, obtaining a piece of ore will allow you to disable forcefields with your Handguns. Simply shoot 'em after picking up some ore and they'll go poof.
  • All quest-related inventory items, such as Beldin's ring and the Guard Uniform, no longer appear in the main inventory but will still function the same. They are instead shown in the automap display's "Inventory" section (the key bar). This won't affect normal gameplay, so no worries.
  • Gold is no longer present, and as a result, merchants are pretty useless. This isn't likely to change since it involves changing Strife's dialogue scripts, which will break custom maps. You can still visit Irale with the Flamethrower parts, though he will make you a grenade launcher instead.
  • Stamina upgrades still exist, though accuracy upgrades do not. Be sure to visit Gerard from time to time to get your latest implant, but ignore Feris because he's a stubborn grouch.

Well, here's something new. Straight from the Masters of Insanity forge comes a Doom experience like no other -- aww, screw the cliches. Everyone's heard them a thousand times, right?

So without further ado, I hereby present Psychic, an insane gameplay mod. The basic premise is simple: You have guns and psychic powers, you can mix and match 'em, and you can upgrade them at will with cash dropped by fallen foes. Expect a completely different style of gameplay from this one -- with the ability to upgrade your character as you choose, no two games are the same!

A few screenshots of Psychic in action (click to enlarge):

Official (albeit goofy) Psychic Trailer, by SIR Belfin aka MasterOFDeath:


A few essential things to know before playing the mod:
  • Primary fire uses guns, while secondary lets loose your psychic power. Psychic powers are cycled using the same controls as choosing inventory items. Just make sure to "use" the selected power in order to actually switch to it.
  • Be sure and bind a key to "Buy Items" in the config menu, else you won't get far. Spend your hard-earned cash, or Blood Money, at the store to purchase new guns, psychic abilities, and upgrades. Just make sure and nab the bouncing coins quick, else they'll disappear after a while.
  • The new HUD may look overwhelming at first glance, but the relevant pieces are easy to spot. Health & Armor is at the very left, just to the right of it is your BloodMoney count, and the right side contains your list of psychic powers, stats for current weapons selected, and the all-important Psymeter -- that's the blue bar on the extreme right. It gets used up as you cast psychic powers, and don't let it get too low or you'll burn yourself out and take damage. To recharge the meter, simply refrain from attacking.
  • If you're still lost, read the textfiles. They will help. Check there before asking here.

That's about it. Post any bugs or issues you may find here.
Special thanks to all the testers, beta and public, for never tiring in their search for nitpicks. :P
Have fun, all, and Go Psycho!
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Re: [WIP] Psychic -- Trailer?

Post by Xim »

Wow, that actually looks really cool. I will be waiting for it's completion.
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Re: [WIP] Psychic -- Trailer?

Post by DoomRater »

Goddamn the white box from the failed to load YouTube plugin made me almost angry that I was being teased... then I loaded up the actual video and all was fine. Oh man, cannot wait.
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Re: [WIP] Psychic -- Trailer?

Post by XutaWoo »


Though I will be slightly disapointed if there isn't a small level pack released for this. You know, like how Zen was a level pack for reloading weapons?
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Re: [WIP] Psychic -- Trailer?

Post by Project Shadowcat »


That's some sexy effects right there.
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Re: [WIP] Psychic -- Trailer?

Post by Snarboo »

Holy crap! This...this...this is most epic mod I've ever seen! This is really giving me a Bioshock vibe with all the pyschic powers.

Also, that shotgun has the most badass reload I've ever seen. :D
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Re: [WIP] Psychic -- Trailer?

Post by bagheadspidey »

Snarboo wrote:Also, that shotgun has the most badass reload I've ever seen. :D
Yeah it does! Looking good Xaser.
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Re: [WIP] Psychic -- Trailer?

Post by chopkinsca »

I must say this is awesome.
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Re: [WIP] Psychic -- Trailer?

Post by Davidos »


After x days and x weeks and x months of not posting anything, I think now, the time has come.
... now, release it before it is completed, or I shall have your phace for breakfast good sir.
With buttered toast.
And Eggs.
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Re: [WIP] Psychic -- Trailer?

Post by DoomRater »

Oh, and it must have "Coal Bears" in it. The description for them: GIANT GODLESS KILLING MACHINES. For all that is good and holy, use fire.
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Re: [WIP] Psychic -- Trailer?

Post by Estopolis »

So I see Ebony & Ivory from Devil May Cry, and that Shotgun reloads and works pretty much the exact same way as Dante's.

So.. This is awesome already. I am looking forward to this mod.
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Re: [WIP] Psychic -- Trailer?

Post by Imp Hunter »

I can't wait to play this wad :wub:
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Re: [WIP] Psychic -- Trailer?

Post by Jimmy »

Gods damn. I want to use that time-freeze-sonic-boom-attack-thingy-combo so badly. :lol: The HUD looks mighty convoluted, though. :P

I see you used the Blood Omen font for the title screen. :D
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Re: [WIP] Psychic -- Trailer?

Post by FuzzballFox »

Looks hot!
Hope you plan on putting in some dynamic lights for it too, might lag for some but would be f'ing awseom! =D
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Re: [WIP] Psychic -- Trailer?

Post by Lolo_is_cool »

Animations so smoooooooooooooooooth......
yeah, this mod got me, can't wait for a beta :D

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