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having problems running hexen

Post by Zell »

ZDoom suports HeXeN right? lol well when i loaded it up all the colors were funky and i had doom weapons and sounds! lol im confused..
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Post by Xaser »

Maybe you have an older version of Zdoom? The newer ones are the ones that support Hexen, and older versions won't work. If you have the new version, maybe it's trying to run it in Doom mode, because the reason for the funky colors is that doom and hexen have completely different palettes. I'm not for sure, since I don't have Hexen. Then again, I do have the Shareware heretic, so maybe I can test zdoom on that...
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Post by Mighty Duck X-treme »

*First line deleted due to corrections by Hirogen2*

Make sure you have the Hexen IWAD (hexen.wad) and the latest zdoom.exe (47.cab) in the same directory you're intending to play ZDoom in.

If you have 2 or more working IWADs in the ZDoom directory when you start up ZDoom, a window will pop up, asking you which game you want to play.
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Post by Cyb »

sounds like you're running hexen as a pwad not an iwad

zdoom.exe -iwad hexen.wad

that'll work (adjust the paths as necessary) or use that iwad selector thingy like kirby said
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Post by Hirogen2 »

Heretic was supported since 1.23, first Hexen things came in 1.23 b33 (you could not play it... keys were missing), now somewhen in the 2.0 series Hexen support was mostly complete so you can play it without any noticable problems.
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Post by Zell »

lol i got it fixed =p i have the most current version of zdoom but i had the selctor setting to never ask me again =p
and yes, i dragged hexen.wad onto zdoom with the doom setting =p
but it was fun playing with doom weapons =p =p =p
i just copied all the zdoom files to hexen and selecetd hexen =D
but thanks for all the help anyway

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