Floor/ceiling sound blocking

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Floor/ceiling sound blocking

Post by necros »

Hi again, sorry to keep spamming, but I had another question: how does the floor/ceiling portal sound blocking work? I'm making a map in UDMF and using GZDoom and using the interactive portals made with Sector Set Portals linedefs.

I'm using the flags in the Edit Sector > Slopes/Portals tab in UDB.

I had assumed that the f/c portal blocking would function like sound blocking lines where you need 2 to stop sound. I also assumed lines and f/c portals could be used interchangeably but that doesn't seem to be the case. I have a f/c portal blocking and a line blocking, but sound still propagates through and wakes up monster past the second line. I have block sound set on both the ceiling and floor of both sectors.

Code: Select all

B|C   <- Upper sectors
A     <- Lower sectors
If I'm in sector A, and the - and | are sound blocking lines/portals, I would assume monsters in sector C would not hear me, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Is this supposed to work and maybe I have something weird going on with my map?

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