DoomDynMus - Ultrakill music pack

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DoomDynMus - Ultrakill music pack

Post by ImNotFine »

this is a music pack for the mod DoomDynMus by cybercool. it can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=72207
this is a music pack made up of a bunch of tracks from the game Ultrakill (made by hikita) that i got from digging around in the game's files (using asset studio). most of the music was composed by him and the ones that arent a creative commons.
i through this together in a day. sorry for the lacking description but im tired. ill edit it later and i might add new tracks to the pack when new chapters are added to ultrakill (and with that, the tracks). this is my first doom mod and even first mod so i hope im doing this properly.

this is the settings that work best for me when getting a good experience:

here's the download: ...
make sure to put it first in the load order before DMM and use the .zip file like you would a .pk3 file instead of unpacking it and screwing it all up.
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Re: DoomDynMus - Ultrakill music pack

Post by Ne0_doomer »

It has this weird pause everytime the music changes but I'm pretty sure thats just because of the file size of the music files.

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