Monsters are changed to random sprites

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Monsters are changed to random sprites

Post by ludo »

There is a mod for Samsara Reincarnation the new version and Exmixer that needs both of them to run and it it adds a randomized monster set like AEoD on top.

It is not made for the public, it is just for my own personal use. ... 1.pk3/file part 1 (core decorate, spanners and factions) ... 2.pk3/file part 2 (additional factions) ... 3.pk3/file part 3 (3D model based factions)

The problem is when you run this with Samsara, it has some enemies show up as the wrong sprites. But it has nothing to do with conflicting names.
Because every time you run the mod, their sprites change to another set. For example an enemy could be a Sabre-claw from Heretic. But when you boot it up again their sprites are now a Peasant from Strife. So it seems like a weird bug.

I've been told this happens because of overload of sprites for GZDoom to handle. What kind of bug is coded into GZDoom to do that? I've also been told it could be "something messing up the time table of the sprites" but couldn't find any information.

Thank you!
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Graf Zahl
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Lead GZDoom+Raze Developer
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Re: Monsters are changed to random sprites

Post by Graf Zahl »

I'm sorry to say this but this project is, for all intents and purposes, undebuggable. The first file alone is 12 MB of DECORATE code to check.
I don't even think this is an engine bug but something in the mod making incorrect assumptions - but how to you expect someone unfamiliar with all this to locate the problem in that?

If you want some feedback, cut this down to a smaller, self contained example that can actually be analyzed. The sheer amount of code in here means that there is very little chance anybody will be able to find out what happens.

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