[WIP] HXRTC HUD Platinum v0.60

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Re: [WIP] HXRTC HUD Platinum v0.60

Post by yum13241 »

How would I add compatibility for my own mod? It uses the RRWM Reload System, and it uses new ammo types. The mod is extremely volatile and I haven't released it yet, so I can't just throw it out there.
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Re: [WIP] HXRTC HUD Platinum v0.60

Post by mamaluigisbagel »

The compatibility for Led's Generic Weapons Mod will need to be updated now that the Pistol Ammo's name has been changed, and possibly more.
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Re: [WIP] HXRTC HUD Platinum v0.60

Post by Impulse9 »

Go on please! I love this work. Thx.
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Re: [WIP] HXRTC HUD Platinum v0.60

Post by Coolmc2222 »

great hud! I'd love to see you continue to update this one day.

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