What games do you play other than Doom?

If it's not ZDoom, it goes here.
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Re: What games do you play other than Doom?

Post by DoomKrakken »

In no specific order:
- Borderlands (2 and 3)
- Shadow Warrior (2 and 3)
- Team Fortress (2 and 3) :P
- Turbo Overkill
- Prodeus
- Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun
- DOOM (2016 and Eternal) (does this count?)
- Left 4 Dead 2
- Hedon
- Supplice
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Re: What games do you play other than Doom?

Post by DoomThing445 »

Made a quick edit since some people state more games they played and wanted to keep the theme going.

- Team Fortress 2
- Team Fortress 2 Classic
- Borderlands 2 & the Pre-Sequel
- Minecraft

I don't play very much anymore, but uhm... yeah.
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Re: What games do you play other than Doom?

Post by Enjay »

I'm going to try weaning myself off Cyberpunk to play Horizon Zero Dawn. I've heard a lot of good things about it. I started playing it a while back but, due to lack of time, I didn't even complete the introductory levels. I've heard that it can feel a bit grindy initially, but that the pay-off for the grind is really worth it.
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Re: What games do you play other than Doom?

Post by JanisSchmidt »

Heh, I remember I got this on a floppy under the name "Dynamite" about 15-20 years ago. I liked the concept, and every now and then, I take it for a spin. Currently I have the version where you don't die when the clock runs out, an' I prefer this one. I sometimes feel there are too many levels & too few songs, tho.
X-wing along with TIE Fighter - my first Star Wars games these were, and they bring back tons of memories. With the old "ball" mouses, it was a nightmare to play, but now, it's a breeze :) Currently I'm tryin' to achieve perfect score for most missions, where it is possible.

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