Shaded renderstyle with sprites

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Jekyll Grim Payne
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Shaded renderstyle with sprites

Post by Jekyll Grim Payne »

I'm experimenting with using the Shaded renderstyle for a custom version of the invisibility powerup for my mod. Note, all sprites I use are truecolor PNGs, and they're all fully opaque.

For whatever reason, I'm getting conflicting results. Some sprites get the style applied properly:

In case of others, however, only some opaque pixels are rendered, while everything else is omitted:
(Note: this is a different weapon from the one above, but also two-handed)

For the life of me, I can't see any differences between the original files. I tried indexing them (using a local palette, since these are not palette-friendly) in Photoshop, but that didn't change anything.

UPD: Now this is just weird. If I spawn an actor with a Shaded renderstyle and give it the same sprites, it renders fine!
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Re: Shaded renderstyle with sprites

Post by Talon1024 »

I had a similar issue with the briefing screen/"Old video for textures" shader in Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony. The pixels would either be fully black or fully opaque. Apparently, it was because the texture's alpha channel for each pixel was either fully transparent or fully opaque.

Does the issue still happen if you make some pixels on the sprite partially transparent?

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