GZDoom 4.9.0 survey - the final rundown

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Re: GZDoom 4.9.0 survey - the final rundown

Post by Chris »

Graf Zahl wrote: Sat Mar 18, 2023 10:20 am What a mess. As if Linux didn't have enough problems already, now that a solution to one of the biggest is gaining some acceptance, a corporate bully comes along and destroys everything. Well done!
Ubuntu doesn't have the pull or mind share it used to, Canonical won't "destroy everything". There are reasons Valve stopped using Ubuntu as the basis for SteamOS and switched to Arch with SteamOS 3.0 and the Steam Deck. This isn't the first time Ubuntu has whined about something not theirs is more popular. What will likely happen is Canonical will keep dragging their feet for a while as they continue losing relevance, Flatpak will continue to gain traction, and at some point they'll do an about-face and start playing nicer with Flatpak (or they won't and they'll keep sliding that much faster to irrelevance).
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Graf Zahl
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Re: GZDoom 4.9.0 survey - the final rundown

Post by Graf Zahl »

Let's hope you are correct. But this action surely makes the road a lot bumpier than it needed to be.
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Re: GZDoom 4.9.0 survey - the final rundown

Post by Ihavequestions »

Rachael wrote: Sat Mar 18, 2023 12:33 pmWhile that is true, I don't know what the big issue is, this seems needlessly pedantic and particular. Why is it *so* important that it specifically be named Debian? - It's not compiled on Debian, it's compiled and made with Ubuntu, though some effort goes into making it work on other distros. In fact it's very likely to work on other distros that have some form of deb reader/converter. Ultimately it's harmless, if it works it works if not you have other options.
I mean, it's needlessly particular to reference Ubuntu when that isn't even needed at all. The packages do not require anything Ubuntu-specific. They are Debian packages, so they should be named correspondingly.
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Re: GZDoom 4.9.0 survey - the final rundown

Post by Rachael »

Agree to disagree. It's where the packages are created, assembled, and tested, and it is where direct support is offered.

Not going to waste time arguing with you about this - this has already crossed into "it's pointless" more than enough as it is.

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