Son Of A Gun - First Encounter (5 level Boom compatible map set)

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Son Of A Gun - First Encounter (5 level Boom compatible map set)

Post by Orka »

Son Of A Gun - First Encounter

"Son Of A Gun - First Encounter" is a 5 level Boom compatible map set for Doom II. The very first map is a remake of an older map that I've built aeons ago (of course I've lost that map) and the idea hit me "let's just limit myself as much as possible". So I mainly used stock Doom I / Doom II textures (among with a few recolored variants) and monsters but I also couldn't resist including some new faces in the monster roster. I think the limit helped me keep working on new ideas. I would say this is a work in progress map set but I don't wanna keep promises, so this is it. 5 maps. There's no major boss fights or anything, just 5 regular maps I felt like building. Tho the 5th one is a bit harder than the rest. Almost broke my keyboard while testing it... Will I make a "Second Encounter" edition with more maps? Who knows? I released this so it won't go to waste if I don't continue with it. My modding mood can change like the weather.

The maps have 4 player starts so in theory co-op should be possible, but only the first two maps include deathmatch spawns (and separate deathmatch arena based on the singleplayer layout).

Anyway, I don't know what else I could tell about this so here are some screenshots:
Oh yeah, uh... don't play this with gameplay mods that change monsters but not the Wolfenstein SS and Commander Keen... because the mod has replacements for them: an Akimbo Uzi Dude and a Grey Imp (which throws bruiser slime balls at you). It would look kinda out of place when you are fighting robots and suddenly a punk zombie and a grey slimechucker demon joins their army. For best experience play it in prboom-plus. That's what I've tested these maps with and I've had a blast.

Here's the download: ...

Have fun!
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Re: Son Of A Gun - First Encounter (5 level Boom compatible map set)

Post by Rex705 »

Fun maps :D

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