y2k Doom [nostalgia for y2k era Doom modding]

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y2k Doom [nostalgia for y2k era Doom modding]

Post by HorrorMovieRei »

Nostalgia is a curious thing. It can blind you to the flaws of the past and make your judgement very clouded and lead you down bad roads; or it can be a quiet, melancholic, loving meditation of times gone by if you engage with it in a healthy way.

I’m a very nostalgic person myself, and recently I’ve been filed with so much nostalgia for Doom modding in the 2000’s it reignited my love for modding!

Back then being able to freely add new actors and weapons, and completely flip the game’s rules on it’s head was a novel concept still. So much so that just cobblign together a bunch of assets from other FPS games and from resource sites such as Realm667 was good enough to earn some praise, whereas nowadays that is considered kitsch. Every other week I would fire up Skulltag, and join a random server with a new mod just like that making a debut. It was simply wonderful, and during a time in my life that was full of hardships, those small moments of joy really helped! Sure, they weren’t the most refined, or balanced experiences, but they were new and exciting.

So today I bring to everyone here my love letter to the era of Doom modding that got me hooked into the scene in the first place. This is


My aim with this mod is to try and capture the spirit of y2k Doom modding (mainly advanced engine modding like zdoom based ports and EDGE stuff), from roughly Zdoom’s inception, all the way into 2009. The complete sense of wonder and endless possibilities that came with being able to add anything to the game, which led to people just adding anything and everythign they thought was cool, without much regard for consistency. Just having fun with the concept alone, and blowing the minds of many doomers new and old!

In this mod you will find the finest selection of clashing, cherry picked assets from various other FPS games (many of them crudely converted to the Doom palette), and plenty of audio lifted from very popular games you will instantly recognize!

I have to keep in mind however modern sensibilities when it comes to balancing, so I have gone through the trouble of balancing the enemies so you don’t get assaulted by like 5 boss-tier barons of hell from Realm667 that deal 2000 dmg per attack each!


The basic weapons should also be ever so slightly buffed to help you survive. But wait, it wouldn’t be a propper y2k Doom mod without guns galore! Though I have done my best so as to not make the extra weapons too redundant (which was also the style at the time), and I also only use the 4 basic ammo types in this, so you don’t have to keep track of a billion custom ammo types. You also get access to inventory grenades. Remember how novel it was to have the Heretic/Hexen inventory system in every doom mod ever?

So, whether you’re old enough to remember those days and you want to take a trip down memory lane, or if you’re still a young whippersnapper who wants to stop playing your “brutal dooms” and your weird “zscripts” nonsense for 5 minutes to see how things were done back then, just click the download button bellow:


Spoiler: copied from the credits lump:
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Re: y2k Doom [nostalgia for y2k era Doom modding]

Post by DOOMPiter »

Oh god, this REEKS of early 2010's/late 2000's. Specially that trailer.

(i gotta be honest, i don't exactly like ZScript for over-complicating something that's already pretty simple to understand. I'd really only use it for menus and things you usually can't mess with.)
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Re: y2k Doom [nostalgia for y2k era Doom modding]

Post by Joblez_I »

this mod rocks so hard!!! it's literally all of my favorite things about old 2000s doom mods. you even did the lmtemple thing where you just have one weapon that has inconsistent hands! amazing. so good. this is my new go-to with old wads.
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Re: y2k Doom [nostalgia for y2k era Doom modding]

Post by chronoteeth »

:3 good
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Re: y2k Doom [nostalgia for y2k era Doom modding]

Post by SiFi270 »

As far as I can tell, the only thing it's missing is Scuba Steve's interpretation of the Unmaker. You know, the one that makes a gibbing sound when you fire it.
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Re: y2k Doom [nostalgia for y2k era Doom modding]

Post by DreemurrDeceevurr »

Really love this, takes me back to my days messing around with the Weapons Resource Wad and Alandoguns.
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Re: y2k Doom [nostalgia for y2k era Doom modding]

Post by Artman2004 »

God, this just oozes charm. Makes me want to go back in time to the 2000s to fully appreciate the era.
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Re: y2k Doom [nostalgia for y2k era Doom modding]

Post by Captain J »

Even the trailer's showing that good ol' unregistered HyperCam 2 icon WITH low bitrate Doom 3 theme playing. Hot damn this looks accurate and very promising already!! I do remember having fun playing early retro mods during 2010s like Zen Dynamics, Doom 3 weapon mod, Psychic, Wildweasel's old works, Lizard Squad, and even Skulltag mods.

Speaking of which, the trailer shows what Skulltag mods were like as well. Jolly good work for sharing nostalgia :D
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Re: y2k Doom [nostalgia for y2k era Doom modding]

Post by Minidoomer21 »

speaking of y2k doom mods, anyone remember DooM Vercetti or RedHeadMetalC's "Nightmare Maze" series? I noticed that it's hard to find old doom community content nowadays.

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