Naming the textures for the Build games

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Naming the textures for the Build games

Post by Graf Zahl »

As part of our long term roadmap for Raze a new UDMF-like map format is part of the plan.
There's one problem with this, though: Build has no texture names - only numbers, which does not mix that well with UDMF.

So my idea was to ask the community to help out here and name these textures.

Here's the link ... sp=sharing

The important thing here is that there is no need to name all the sprite rotations which make up the bulk of the texture set. What we need is proper names for those textures that can be put on walls, floors, ceilings and deorative sprites.

If anybody is willing to help, just ask for access to the linked spreadsheet. It currently has lists set up for Duke Nukem 3D, Redneck Rampage and Redneck Rampage Rides Again.
The lists for RR and RRRA are currently identical but need cleanup because everything is mixed together, many textures only have generic names and no consideration is made for places where they differ. The other games will be set up later, but for them the available lists are a lot less complete so more work is needed.

What we need is the following info:

A suggested name if the texture contains something useful. If you want to suggest a better name than the existing one, feel free to do so.
A note that it is empty, if not defined.
A note that it is part of a sprite animation, if so, but no name.
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Re: Naming the textures for the Build games

Post by Darkcrafter »

I would suggest to name sky textures in such a manner that "sky" word would go before "place or object name". SKYMOON1 instead of MOONSKY1. This way it's going to get quicker for a mapper to find a suitable mood sky in a map editor by typing sky in the texture search field.

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