[v2.9.1] CHAMPIONS [update 09/03/21]

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Re: [v2.9.1] CHAMPIONS [update 09/03/21]

Post by krokots »

OmegaZeroXIII wrote: Thu Sep 01, 2022 12:49 pm Good. I have been presenting this error "VM execution aborted: tried to read from address zero" which is triggered by "champions/handled/handler.txt line 331".

I use the DOOM RPG Roguelike Arsenal modpack and the error every 5 times that I start the mod once does not happen but when entering another level of one the error occurs. I thought it would be the modpack but it's happening to me in others even just using the DOOM Roguelike Arsenal.
You can fix this bug by editing two lines in handler.txt.
in line 331 change

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

if(e.Thing && e.Thing.bMISSILE
Do the same in line 341 (or any line that does not have "e.Thing" before "e.Thing.bMISSILE".
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Re: [v2.9.1] CHAMPIONS [update 09/03/21]

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There's some quirk in this that disables the friendly fire protection in DoomRPG, someone told me it had to do with the mod tweaking the player's species or something along those lines. Any idea what part could be to blame?

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