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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by Keldian »

A mod that allows you to combine weapon modes on the same principle as in Magicka a spell is assembled from individual elements. If that's even possible.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by m8f »

Random ideas. Disclaimer: not sure if doable, not sure if worth the time.

Shooting Range
Gameplay mod. Replaces all monster with shooting targets 🞋. All weapons are replaced with a single hitscan weapon with conical spread. The accuracy statistics is calculated by the amount of shots fired, the amount of hits and distance.

Hide and Seek
Multiplayer gameplay mod. Players divide in two teams: hiders and seekers. Stage 1: hiders hide: in a limited time, they run around a map, select a prop to pretend to be (can be a pickup, a decoration, etc) and a place where they will stand. Seekers cannot see this. Stage 2: seekers seek hiding players. Limited time, limited tries to reveal hiding players. Singleplayer: "bots" hide, the player seeks. Requires a map with a lot of props/items in irregular positions. Minigames while waiting? Zandronum compatibility?

Siberian Night
Graphical/audio patch. Makes animated floor textures not animated, gives them a blue tint. Adds random decals to walls: icicles, snow? Ambient sounds of cold wind. Sky replacements: starry night, cloudy night. Animated floors are slippery. Puffs of vapor from the player and enemies. Light blue/gray tint to screen? Snow falling.

Fair Doom
Gameplay mod.
- resurrected enemies have half of max health.
- enemies have limited amount of missiles. Implementation: missile is destroyed on launch if conditions are met.
- Icon of Sin spawn cubes disabled or limited, not telefragging.
- lost souls disappear when pain elemental that spawned them is killed.

Gameplay mod. You kill a monster, it displays teleporting animation instead of dying, reappears on the next map with the resistance to what killed it last time. Some messages on dying/reappearing. Only a few (one?) enemies on the level are recurring. Cross-WAD. Recurring enemies have names.

Gameplay mod. Killing enemies raises Terror level. High Terror level drains health and gives visual distortions. And faster movement?

When Terror rises, shadowy monsters start to appear. When terror is too high, they take physical form and attack you, like in Don't Starve. Ways to reduce Terror:
- meditation: 10 seconds while you are vulnerable and can do nothing;
- Health potions.

Visuals: on high terror level, terror UI bar/frame has animated eyes.

Consolidated Enemies
Gameplay mod. When monsters happen to stand close to each other, they merge into a single one that has their health summed up. Maybe name tag is updated as well, like, "7x Imp".

Swap Monsters
Gameplay mod, mild randomizer. Swaps enemy positions on the level. Only if they have the same size and flying ability. Exclude the Icon of Sin, Keen, exclude bosses. Or replace with stronger/weaker variants.

Gameplay mod for sick shots. If the player turns 360 degrees with a mouse (detect mouse, not turn with commands!), multiply damage. If it's a projectile, multiply its damage.

Level Lives
Gameplay mod. The level itself is a living creature. Count damage received by walls (floors, ceilings?). If the level accumulates certain amount of damage:
- player is hurt by staying close to a wall (detect non-wall obstacles and doors/lifts)
- floors become damaging for a short amount of time.

Probably indicator that shows how much level is damaged. How to make a level feel like a living creature? Breathing floors. Eyes and wounds in walls. Blobs of flesh on floors and ceilings.

To please/heal the level:
- feed mouths in walls.
- altars at random places where you can sacrifice items.
- Give pickups to the level instead of picking it up?

Rotating map
Map idea. Depending on the player angle and how many turns the player has made while standing on one place, the map changes: the lines change textures, sectors rise or lower, monster appear or disappear.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by Casualfan »

Hexen Objective List:
I've avoided hexen because of how mind-bogglingly confusing it is to find all those switches, but I want to try it at some point.
The idea behind this mod is that after a switch is hit, a notification in a toggleable objective menu tells you at all times where the rest of the switches are and what the switches have done. A map would show where the other switches are as well as give an indicator as to what they've activated. This is all to cut down on the frustration factor of entering aimlessly wondering where to go next.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by acidlemon »

ideas of putting ryu ga gotoku styled combat into DOOM
i consider myself a fan of Ryu ga gotoku so i think it would be great to put the combat into doom
it is great to make different characters into it by giving each of them a class or something
killing monsters can gain EXPs for upgrading the skills or unlocking new battle styles(feels like we can use Ukyou tatsuya in kurohoyo series
the since he has over 15 battle styles)
main experience is like normal ryu ga gotoku series
if it is possible i think we can make the heat move into the mod it can deal a lot of damage to the monster,maybe like the glory kill
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by NikotheSavier »

I have an idea for a tiny mod that adds the option to turn off horizontal shotgun spread as well as the default vertical spread. Every pellet should land in the direct center of the screen(when not using auto aim). If there is already a mod that does this (AND ONLY THIS) link it below please I made this account just to post this because I couldn't find one for this.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by Shatter-Thought[V-4] »

This mod idea is about bringing in a trap-based character, not too unlike the "Trapt" ps2 game, but it wouldn't have the complex camera work (That would be much too aggravating to implement.)

Players would place down traps while considerably slowed enemies would move towards them, still firing off but a little slower then normal, and the player can trigger traps as they see fit to launch, damage and push enemies around, or even teleport them possibly.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by Craneo »

A sort of universal invasion mod that is smart around the level design and has some degree of eyecandy:
- normal monsters don't spawn in the level at all
- instead there are a few GoreNests that spawn monsters every waves
- should work with most vanilla-like levels
- a set ammount of waves are needed for the player to exit
- last wave has a fight against a boss (Cyberdemon, Mastermind, 2 Barons, you name it), could be switched off maybe...
- all doors are locked by default and you must fight a wave right next to them for them to open, once opened, they stay like that.
- monster spawn reacts to room size so the player isn't overwhelmed
- big powerups spawn only after a set ammount of waves, same with strong weapons and strong ammo
- since all doors are opened by clearing a wave near them, key spawns are replaced with big powerup/big weapon spawns
- optional allied zdoommarine spawner, instead of being represented by a GoreNest it is represented by a UAC teleporter
- ammo, health and armor respawn like in multiplayer, big powerups can respawn with a sort of "per round" penalty so they can skip a wave (could be too OP otherwise)
- a scoreboard, has no real significance other than feeling cooler
- support for some mods like Brutal Doom Platinum
- options to enable-disable specific stuff
- some iwad support too maybe?
sorry, I kinda miss playing Skulltag's Invasion gamemode :oops:
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by Kane lynch »

A wad i had on my mind a long time ago was a complete overhaul of the first DOOM so it has the gameplay and aesthetic of DOOM 3,with a more slow-paced gameplay,instead of the doom guy,just an unexperienced marine,a more oppressive atmosphere and more focus on the distant horror themes of the original DOOM,because i love DOOM 3,its gameplay,atmosphere and use of darkness made it my favorite game of the saga and so i wanted to recreate all of the same feelings the third game gives (except for the excessive use of jumpscares as its only horror element) in the first game,with creepier and stronger monsters,guns that pack a stronger punch but with only so much ammo (because monsters wont drop any munitions),a more atmospheric soundtrack (just like the PSX port of DOOM) and expanded lore.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by DannyMan »

High Quality sound pack for HacX: Twitch n' Kill, features the same sounds, but in high definition!
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by RedDragonCats17 »

I actually have a idea for a floating companion a-la Navi from Zelda and the fairy familiars from Castlevania. You can read the doc I made for this here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13EF ... sp=sharing
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by Artman2004 »

I've been really getting into old Smosh content, and one of the ideas I got is a Food Battle-inspired Doom mod. You get a donut as your main weapon, which behaves completely different from level to level. It might be super overpowered on one level, and completely useless on the next.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by Panzermann11 »

I have this idea popped in my head as a mod that mixes elements from Monolith Productions' and Monolith Soft's games.

For the character roster, the Productions side could be Caleb from Blood, the Pointman and Michael Becket from the F.E.A.R. series, Kate Archer from No One Lives Forever, and Sanjuro Makabe from Shogo.

The Soft side could be Shion Uzuki from Xenosaga, and Shulk, Rex, Mythra and Pyra from the Xenoblade Chronicles series.

If there were enemy replacements, they could simply be just enemies from the 2 companies' games together such as Cabal cultists, Replica soldiers and Xenoblade's enemies.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by UnknDoomer »

Mostly related to TC convertions, I suppose. Why not to make it myself? As usual. Not enough experience in ZScript, while I still have some in JS, time and effort to deal with.

Corridor 7. There is an old TC exist, that used Doomsday as a core. Still yet nobody did ZDoom adaptation. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/5 ... vasion-tc/, https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/1 ... -progress/. Custom levels is not an option for the moment as well.

Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold and it's mediocre add-on, as well as few custom mappacks. One been started for a while ago, viewtopic.php?p=1234796, but not fully finished. There is also https://bibendovsky.github.io/bstone/ exist, but, well, basically it's a different thing.

Breakfree. An old 3D arcanoid which, it seems, probably used Wolfenstein 3D engine to it's needs.https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/1 ... free-1995/

Escape from Monster Manor from 3DO.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by DoomThing445 »

I cannot make the following mod because I lack the skills to create mods and the technical know-how of the ZDoom engine and it's forks.

Okay, hear me out: you know how in Source games, crouching reduces weapon spread and weapon recoil? Why not port that to GZDoom and make it an actual universal mod?

Here's the game plan: you can set up how much spread is reduced through an options menu, as well as recoil (if the mods you have loaded have recoil-based systems in place) if you have crouch held down, or if the engine detects that you are crouching.

As this can break vanilla Doom in certain ways, I could only see the mod being open-source for other modders to use in their weapon packs, maps, etc, it's a great novelty idea for things outside of the vanilla experience.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by r&r »

Just an idea anyone can use.

Anyone every thought making a

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit" Weapon pack?

A Toon weapon pack

The Singing Sword
And Toon Gun

The Singing sword plays the music from that bugs bunny episode
and sometime plays the Witchcraft song.

Mallet-Hammer can swing like a hammer,
or extend it's boxer glove punch for a loner reach.

The Toon Gun, sometimes the bullets home on the target.

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