Super Slug: Two classic style maps

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Super Slug: Two classic style maps

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So quite a few years ago now, I had started these maps to learn UDMF and then sort of forgot about mapping altogether due to a greater interest in gameplay mods. But a year ago I started digging through old maps and thought these could be interesting if touched up and re-balanced. So I spent several days (over the course of a year) giving them a facelift, both in aesthetics and mechanics, and put in my best effort to make them presentable. I even wrote up a bit of story that's completely original and not at all like Star Trek:

"Responding to a distress signal from a nearby planet, your ship detects no lifeforms, but sensors are picking up energy readings near an abandoned research facility. You are sent down with your away team as chief of security to investigate. Upon arrival, you are alone, there's no sign of your team, and your equipment is gone.

On the ground you find an ancient looking device that seems to create chemical explosions to propel small projectiles when you squeeze the lever, and is no doubt just as effective as modern phasers. With no contact to your ship, you decide to continue with your mission and investigate the facility, hoping to rejoin the rest of your team and find out who or what is behind all this."

Super Slug RC1 [download]

It's a throwback style and uses UDMF and GZDoom features in subtle ways. I've disabled jumping and crouching and turned on a few compatibility options, mouselook should be fine though it's completely untested. I've added minor visual effects like rotating keycards, dynamic lights with a much smaller radius than GZDoom's default, and glowing bulletpuffs. Regarding sound I've removed the plasmagun's projectile's death sound limit so the fire sound isn't so obnoxious when hitting a target at close range.

I'm still somewhat of a novice with mapping as far as the more ethereal aspects go, like progression, balance, fun, etc. so I'd like to hear how I can improve these maps and make better ones in the future. And of course I want to hear about the technical issues which I'm sure to have overlooked. Enjoy!


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