Add F17-F24 keys for bindings

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Re: Add F17-F24 keys for bindings

Post by Rachael »

That doesn't happen, scan codes don't work that way.

Scan codes are literally based on the physical position of each key. Which is why when you change your keyboard layouts the keys often change; especially with French keyboards, for example.

Let's say arbitrarily (this is *not* real) that Q has a scan code of 40. W has a scan code of 41, E has a scan code of 42, and so on.

What I am thinking could be happening here is the F24 position might be taken by an escape sequence which could be why it is not being properly read. If that's the case then the problem is with the scan code reader.

You're far more likely to have a problem with letter layout changes than function/modifier layout changes, those almost always stay the same across all international layouts.

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