Sprite Batch Render addon for Blender

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Re: Sprite Batch Render addon for Blender

Post by Gez »

Nash's fork is the most up-to-date version, and it did bring back the 16-angle feature. I suppose he'd be the one to contact about updating to 2.9, though I understand he's got a lot of other irons into the fire.
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Re: Sprite Batch Render addon for Blender

Post by Nash »

Yeah, sorry, I'm still using 2.79b because there are just too many on-going projects right now that I don't have the time to replace my entire toolchain mid-project. I estimate I'll be using 2.79 for another year or two, even.

Maybe someone else will make a 2.9 script...
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Re: Sprite Batch Render addon for Blender

Post by neoworm »

Yeah, I get it. Just wanted to ask. I kinda don't know who made the 2.81 version that I am using. Because it has the 16 angles feature but is for 2.81.
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Re: Sprite Batch Render addon for Blender

Post by cce »

What exactly was broken? I tried the 2.81 version at https://github.com/seece/SpriteBatchRender and it worked fine for me in Blender 2.91.1. Anyway, I just bumped the supported Blender version number to 2.9 just in case and updated the example blend as well.

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