[SW] Missing floor sprite on Crude Oil

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[SW] Missing floor sprite on Crude Oil

Post by Phredreeke »

In Crude Oil, after the red key card door near the start there's a semitransparent sprite on the floor, this sprite fails to render in any hardware renderer
VoidSW - software renderer
Raze - new renderer

Edit: I've tested this in 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 and my friend Shadow tested on the dev build. It doesn't appear on any of them.
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Re: [SW] Missing floor sprite on Crude Oil

Post by Rachael »

Ah, the good ol' Build light reflection trick. That one really can't be emulated very well in a hardware renderer due to the way it works. The hardware renderer would be better off just re-rendering the entire scene as a reflection in the floor, really.
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Graf Zahl
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Re: [SW] Missing floor sprite on Crude Oil

Post by Graf Zahl »

I tried to lift the sprite to the floor height. That will make it show but of course the perspective won't look right. But it's really the only thing that can be done here.

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