Universal Enhanced AI

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Re: Universal Enhanced AI

Post by r&r »

wildweasel wrote:
r&r wrote:I think this needs to be updated again
as it crashes the latest GZdoom (v4.5.0) randomly
Have you got any kind of crash reports or logs that might help?
Not really, it just freeze the game and i have to ctrl alt exist the program

I did try to do it with no mods, it seems to work.
it could be the mods are not compatible for this mod?

I guess I need to test the mods that have issues with this one
and remove them

OK I tested what mods that may causes the random crashes
and I think it's any companion mods , as ounce I remove them
the game don't freeze in 2 seconds or one minute in gameplay
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Re: Universal Enhanced AI

Post by dddstudio »

Wow, this looks really interesting. Will try it ASAP. Thanks for sharing it.

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