[GZDoom/Blender 2.79] MD3 Export, Size Reference Template

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Re: [GZDoom/Blender 2.79] MD3 Export, Size Reference Templat

Post by Gez »

SPZ1 wrote:Sorry for the bump... but is there an updated version of this? It isn't working on Blender 2.92 :(
Yes, this is for 2.79 and no later. Try one of those instead:
Doom Sprite Batch Render addon for Blender 2.9+
Palette Studio v1.2 - Create Doom sprites in Blender [2.83 - 2.92]!
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Re: [GZDoom/Blender 2.79] MD3 Export, Size Reference Templat

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What I really need is an MD2 exporter but those are out of date too...

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