Angelic Aviary v1.3 (Eviternity II edition, new angels) Updated 12/29/23)

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Angelic Aviary v1.3 (Eviternity II edition, new angels) Updated 12/29/23)

Post by CherubCorps »

Download v.1.3 here (Last updated 12/29/2023) (GZdoom version) ... 3.pk3/file

Zandronum edition 1.21: (Not by me, author unknown) ... 1.pk3/file

Previous versions
1.2: ... 1.pk3/file
1.1: ... 1.wad/file
1.0 ... 0.wad/file

Angelic Aviary is an enemy replacement mod that pits Doomguy against the forces of heaven; beautiful angelic warriors bent upon freezing the earth solid and incorporating it into heaven. All enemies are custom made with new art, attacks, sounds and abilities. Enemies are balanced for vanilla gameplay, but compatible with almost all custom weapon mods and map packs.


-Enemy replacement types for all standard enemies plus SStroops, Commander Keen and the Icon of Sin.
-Highly balanced for vanilla gameplay.
-Universal compatibility with almost all doom gameplay mods and map packs. Fight the forces of heaven with your favorite weapon packs!
-Over 4000 frames of custom animation unique to this mod (No realm 667 asset flips). Full 8 rotations for almost all enemies.
-Optionable fanservice content (Off by default)
-Versatile option menu to disable voices, alter angel stats and disable fliers from breaking maps.
-Unique gameplay with Heretic. Heretic angels have altered stats different from doom angels and have been rebalanced to better fit with Heretic maps and weapons. Gameplay is focused on using timebombs of the ancients which many angels drop on death.
-Lots and lots of Easter eggs, including hidden enemies only accessible with select map packs and weapon mods.


Appearances can be deceiving. Behind the cuteness and beauty of their physical forms lie the spirits of warriors who have fought off both hellspawn and man. Compared to demons, angels tend to be more aggressive and dangerous in mobs, but less spongy and easier in one-on-one fights. As the majority of the angels are fliers, they flock in large numbers and can easily surround and overwhelm a slow player.
Learning to prioritizing targets is fundamental, even more so compared to vanilla doom. Certain angels if not put down quickly can resurrect their sisters, summon massive armies or fully charge up to unleash a massive flurry of bullets. Some angels will even require the player to think about when they're going to kill an enemy as killing certain enemies at the wrong time can led to severe consequences. Learning each angel's quirks, exploitable weaknesses, and how she functions alone and in a flock is key to survival.

Note: Infinite height MUST be disabled!! They are alot of flying enemies!
I also recommend turning on freelook and disabling autoaim.

The Aviary (Bestiary)

Future plans (Version 2.0)
-Polishing/balancing existing enemies and fixing code. Adding additional frames to incomplete sprites.
-Textures of God: A texture pack addon which changes hellscapes and objects into angelic ice gardens.
-Addition rare birds.
-(More) Easter eggs when playing Angelic Aviary with specific mods.
-Lore and enemy descriptions

Recommended Mods and Wads
Map packs: Angels thrive in maps with high amounts of verticality.
-Eviternity II (Exclusive custom enemies exclusive to this map pack). Note, invisible walls must be enabled for a few levels.
-Eviternity (Designed with this map pack in mind, especially level 27. Has rare birds)
-50 monsters (Nice, short megawad with rare birds)
-Anomaly report (Great with corruption cards)
-Nostalgia 1 & 2
-Ozonia (Has heaven levels + rare birds)
-Lost civilization (Lots of flock management)
-DBP 11: Lilywhite Lilith (Good with alot of DBP, but especially this map pack)
-1000 line def community project 3 (All rare birds can be encountered in this map pack).
-Lover's Quarrel (Valentine themed map pack that goes well with cute angels)

Gameplay mods
-Combined arms (Hidden Easter eggs)
-La Tailor Girl (Turn on Fanservice for the true experience)
-Lithium (Full compatibility, angels level up, drop exp and money)
-Final Doomer
-Heart of demons

Other mods
-Corruption cards (Highly recommend)
-Nashgore (Adds a nice splat when fliers hit the ground)

Please enjoy!
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Re: [WIP] Doom Angels

Post by Spaceman333 »

I love the sound of this, excited to see the full roster once its done.

It would be cool if there was also a version of this mod that puts both forces of hell and heaven to fight together against the player.
Angels from this mod and vanilla doom demons randomly shuffled together, using the random spawner:

Code: Select all

actor HeavenHellSpawner : RandomSpawner replaces DoomImp
	DropItem "DoomImp"
	DropItem "AngelImp"
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Re: [WIP] Doom Angels

Post by shaodoomkahn »

ok it's doom but you can kill angels more then demons
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Re: [WIP] Doom Angels

Post by batos2 »

You should create an angel with pigtails dyed light blue or purple who she hits you with her Kanabo while she throws it at you from a distance
(You should already know the reference)

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Re: [WIP] Doom Angels

Post by Machine-Reaper »

at least its better then shrine maidens
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Re: [WIP] Doom Angels

Post by CherubCorps »

batos2 wrote:You should create an angel with pigtails dyed light blue or purple who she hits you with her Kanabo while she throws it at you from a distance
(You should already know the reference
Pipiru piru piru pipiru pi! Such a great show.
Machine-Reaper wrote:at least its better then shrine maidens
It sure is.
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Re: [WIP] Doom Angels

Post by Untitled »

Hey, it's me, the guy of whom you once gave the early pre-forum beta to.

I took a look at the latest version, and I've discovered a few things you may want to check up on.

1. If I have one major complaint, balance-wise, it's that weaker monsters have a lot of HP for their slots. Here's the full list:
The zombieman replacement has 60 HP, 3x that of the monster it replaces.
The shotgunner replacement is a two-phase monster that has 60+40 HP, when the original has 30.
Cherubs, which replace the basic doom imp, has 125 HP, when the original has 60.
The chaingunner replacement has 100 HP, 30 more than what it replaces.
Cardinals have 200 HP, over the original pinky demon's 150.
The revenant replacement has 400 HP, over the original revenant's 300.
The Ophanium has 1000 HP, twice that of the arachnotron.

2. The second thing, is that in the replacement code, there's a few lines that look like this:

Code: Select all

ACTOR Cherub Replaces DoomImp 3001
If you are using the replaces keyword, the editor number is rendered unnecessary and can be safely removed.

3. Here's what the Blackbird's code should actually look like, by inheriting from the Cardinal rather than the original spectre:

Code: Select all

ACTOR Blackbird : Cardinal replaces Spectre
  RenderStyle OptFuzzy
  Alpha 0.5
  SeeSound "cardinal/sight"
  AttackSound "cardinal/melee"
  PainSound "cardinal/pain"
  DeathSound "cardinal/death"
  ActiveSound "cardinal/active"
  HitObituary "%o didn't spotted the Blackbird in time."
4. This is admittedly a stupidly minor nitpick, but many of the obituaries are missing periods at the end of them, e.g.

Code: Select all

Obituary "%o was shot by a Revolver Doll"
should be

Code: Select all

Obituary "%o was shot by a Revolver Doll."
5. For some reason, the Cherub's projectile replaces the DoomImpBall actor. There's no need to do this, as the Cherub fires its own projectile - it's not calling A_TroopAttack or anything like that.
6. The revenant replacement fires two types of projectiles, a slow ripper that deals 2 damage and a fast ripper that deals 1 damage. As weird as a it sounds, these values should be reversed - the faster one should do more damage. This is because, due to how rippers work, it will have less time to rip through a player, while the slow one takes longer to pass through - and deals damage the entire time it does so. Also, I think the speeds should just plain be faster - 4 (normal)/8 (fast) is very slow for a projectile; the revenant's original projectile is speed 10, for comparison.
7. Same projectiles, but the slow version of the butterfly seeker has this for it's spawn state:

Code: Select all

BFLY ABCD 2 Bright A_Tracer2
While the fast version has this:

Code: Select all

BFLY AABBCCDD 2 Bright A_Tracer
Which means that the slow version visually animates at twice the speed. It also calls A_Tracer2 instead of A_Tracer, meaning that it's a lot more aggressive in homing due to the differences between the two functions. Given the speed it flies at, this makes it pretty much unavoidable without cover, and makes the already deadly ripper property into a bit of an absurdly lethal death trap in the wrong maps.
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Re: [WIP] Doom Angels

Post by CherubCorps »

Thanks for looking over this. I noticed the increased hp when I was watching another person playtest the mod and it was so weird. Almost all the monsters had double their original HP. Then I realized I accidently uploaded the wrong version. I'm putting up a link to the correct version in the top. The normal hp values are the cherub with 80, revolver doll 30, shotgun doll 30, knife doll 15, snowball 80, putto 50, Kiss 300 (100 less than the caco), and the Iris and cardinals were the same as their vanilla base. The only one that was accurate is the Ophanim with 1000 hp due to the way it fights.

Thanks for the insight. There's still alot of balancing issues and things are likely to change (Especially as more angel types get added). I'm probably gonna change the ripper butterflies values as suggested.

Currently working on the hell knight's base sprite.

Fixed version (Also on the 1st post) ... 0.wad/file
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Re: [WIP] Doom Angels

Post by CherubCorps »

10/26/2020: Newest update ... a.wad/file

-New angel added: The Authority (Replaces the hell knight)

"Unyielding angels who are living embodiments of law and order. Authorities use their divine blade to carve the very air into a blade sharper than any sword. Purely focusing on offense, the Authority is nimble and strong at the price of having low armor and health. Demons have come regard Authority's as angelic berserkers. Authorities hate this comparison and prefer to think of themselves as "angelic brigadiers"."

Other changes

-Reduced the Cherub's HP from 80 to 70
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Re: [WIP] Angelic Waifus (Doom Angels)

Post by CherubCorps »

11/18/2020: Newest update: ... a.wad/file

-New angel added: Virtue Virgin (Replaces the Baron of Hell)

“Authorities who have undergone extensive purification rituals, metamorphizing them into angels of chastity. Always bleeding, the Virtue Virgin's purity is marked by her white dress. Throughout eons of combat and endless bloodshed, the Virtue Virgin's dress has never becomes tarnished nor stained with blood."

-Ophanim projectiles added. When fully charged up, she launches thousands of bullets from her central eyes along with hitscanners from her small eyes. This was done to make it easier for the player to know the Ophanim is fully awake and to take cover.
-Ophanim takes longer to charge up and longer to wind down, giving the player more time to punish her.
-Shotgun duo, revolver doll, and knife doll no longer bleed. They're dolls so it make sense.
-Reduced Putto hp from 50 to 40.
-Now compatible with Doomgals :)

The Virtue Virgin is the 1st "Ancient Angel" added. She is both incredibly fast and powerful and must be approached with caution. There is a correct way to fight her but I might nerf her depending upon how much trouble she gives players. Her wings, sword, and headpiece will be altered in the future to look different. She may also fly at some point, but in her current state, flying breaks too many maps.
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Re: [WIP] Angelic Waifus (Doom Angels)

Post by CherubCorps »

Happy New Years! Major update: Version 0.6 is out! ... 6.wad/file

-New angel added: Principality (Replaces the Mancubus)

"Snobby, angelic wizards with complete control of lightning. Their umbrellas acts as a lightning rod which she uses to channel electricity at her opponents. In their previous existence, the principalities were noblewomen and they retain their stuck up, smug, personalities. They look down upon demons, humans, and even some of the other angels.

-Ophanim HP reduced from 1000 to 800. If quick, they can be killed before fully waking up.
-More sounds added to the Cherub, Aspect of Iris, and Kiss.
-Virtue Virgin is easier to stun-lock.

Only 4 more enemies remain. The arch-vile is next!
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Re: [WIP] Angelic Waifus (Doom Angels)

Post by Artman2004 »

This would go great with Heart Of Demons: Baron.
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Re: [WIP] Angelic Waifus (Doom Angels)

Post by fakemai »

La Tailor Girl is the more natural fit, but in general more monster mods are appreciated considering how many there are for the player and especially ones that overpower them. This is an example I like a lot in theme as well.
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Re: [WIP] Angelic Waifus (Doom Angels)

Post by CherubCorps »

La Tailor girl is a natural fit, especially with Sewie as she's a demon killing angels (Which makes more sense than a demon killing demons). I didn't plan it, but since all the angels drop small amount of health on death (Clothing scraps in LTG), it's easier get back to a semi-clothed state after losing armor. Nothing is more miserable in that mod than not having any armor because you attack so slowly. Just be sure to mute Sewie's voice as it's quite grating.

The mod's only designed to alter enemies because I want the player to use the weapon/gameplay mods they like, even if they throw off the balance. Other good mods for AW include Doomgals, demonsteele, Naku-Naru, Supercharged or one of the many, many, many anime weapons mods. Legendoom is great, except I wish the empowered angels had a golden glow rather than a red glow. Corruption cards also works quite nicely. Again, some mods (Doomgals) will make the enemies too easy.

One of the key components of this mod is vanilla balance. With the exception of the cherub, all the angels have strengths and weaknesses compared to their vanilla counterparts. Most of the angels are easier in one-on-one fights, but more difficult in mobs. About 95% of custom maps I've tested are beatable with angels on vanilla.
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Re: [WIP] Angelic Waifus (Doom Angels)

Post by CherubCorps »


Minor update, but alot of small tweeks including...

-Halos!!: All the angels (Not dolls or Putto) have a halo that floats above their head. As the angel takes damage, the halo will slowly fad out of existence. On bigger enemies, it will begin to flicker like a light bulb. Some of the sprite frames are a little off and there are some clipping issues, but those will be fixed by the next update.
-Increased the Authority's HP from 350 to 400 HP. She can still be killed with two SSG shots, but it takes better aiming to pull it off.
-Principality's may end her lightning volley with her secondary attack, making her harder to predict.
-Custom bullet death animations for the Authority and Virture Virgin's blade attacks.

Angelic Waifus V0.61: ... 1.wad/file

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