ZDoom front end of choice?

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Post by sirjuddington »

I used to use the command prompt, until I made a nifty little launcher called Doom Commander, which is basically a command line anyway (with a few extra features). Now I can't go back ;)


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Post by HotWax »

Curunir wrote:All I see mentioned on these forums is DeepSea and Wad Author a couple of times. Ehh, don't you people use DoomBuilder?
And if not, WOE IS YOU! :P
DoomBuilder still has some quirks that need to be worked out before it'll become a reliable editing program, and even then people like to stick with what they know. It definately has potential though and I'm watching it closely. If it displayed the ZDoom slopes in the 3D view (and supported hi-res textures) it might even get ME making maps again... God forbid.
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Lexus Alyus
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I Use Doombuilder quite religeosly, I used to use WA, but now I use Doombuilder I won't touch WA, or Deepsea with a 10000 foot long barge pole (wow, that's some barge pole :-D). I also is XWE for wad editing... and that's it (apart from PSP7, Logic audio, Fruity loops and Sound forge for the stuff you don't know about :-D).
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Post by Hirogen2 »

wildweasel wrote:There's a neat little one called COMMAND.COM that I've been using for a while...
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Post by Sphagne »

Me too, batch files+windows Dos-Prompt.
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Post by Chilvence »

I see a launcher as sort of self defeating...

Zdoom looks after itself well enough to not need command line options, and on the occasion where you need to use them, its better off running it from the command line rather than changing some setting in a launcher that will be saved and probably forgot about the next time you run the game.

One of the most useful features of Zdoom is the ability to drag any amount of files onto the exe and be running the game with them loaded straight away

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